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Kitchen Cabinets: Refinish or Replace?

Posted on March 23, 2021

The kitchen is the heart of a home. The cabinets are the face of the kitchen. As the saying goes, you have got to put your best face forward. When it comes to updating your kitchen cabinets, though, how do you know if it is better to refinish or repaint? 

In this article, we will discuss why our experts believe it is better to refinish your kitchen cabinets. Then, we’ll let you know how you can get started on your kitchen cabinet refinishing project! 

The Benefits of Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

There are three main reasons our experts recommend refinishing your kitchen cabinets rather than replacing them. Of course, every situation is different, but these three experiences are entirely universal. 

Nice On Your Wallet

The first, and often the most important reason to refinish rather than replace, is the fact that it is much easier on your wallet. Installing new cabinets can become extremely pricey. The process includes taking the old cabinets out, configuring the new structures, having them installed by skilled contractors, and then finishing them off with a coat of paint. It gives us a headache just thinking about it. 

When you refinish your cabinets, though, all you are paying for is skilled craftsmen to take your cabinets from their worn state to a fresh look. This will cost at least half as much as refinishing. Additionally, it will leave you with plenty of room to renovate other areas of your home!

Doesn’t Take Much Time

With a simpler process, you can also expect the workers to be in and out of your home quickly. In fact, the entire process can take under a week! When you choose to refinish, your family doesn’t have to worry about where they are going to eat, store their appliances, or function while the replacement crew is there. Keep in mind that replacing can take weeks or even months! 

Leaves Your Kitchen Looking Fresh

There is no doubt your kitchen is going to look great once your cabinets are refinished. Refinishing your cabinets allows you to redesign both the look and the function of what is currently occupying the space. You can add accessories, change the style, and perhaps even change the wood! 

If your kitchen cabinets have more serious issues, such as rotting wood, you may want to look at replacing the cabinets. Another reason you would choose to replace is to change the layout of your kitchen. In either of these cases, talk to a professional about what the options are for you.

Other Ways to Renovate Your Kitchen

In addition to painting or staining kitchen cabinets, there are many other ways our painters can upgrade your cooking space. We can also paint walls, remove wallpaper, and repair drywall. You can learn more about each of our interior painting services here.   

Your Next Steps 

If you are looking to refinish your kitchen cabinets and want the project to be done by professionals that can keep the project on budget and on time, contact CertaPro Painters® of Arvada, CO. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and have ample experience refinishing kitchen cabinets. Get started today by calling 303-274-2217.