31 January 2023

Professional Interior Painting Services in Fridley, MN

Now that the winter season has finally arrived, it’s the perfect time of year to check any interior painting projects off your to-do list. Here at CertaPro Painters® of Anoka, we can provide multiple interior painting services that will completely transform your home. From adding a new pop of color to cabinet refinishing projects, we’veRead the full article

31 August 2022

Exterior Paint Colors for Contemporary Homes in Anoka

Does your home have a contemporary or modern design? One of the best ways to showcase your unique residence is with an exterior painting service. Here at CertaPro Painters® of Anoka, we specialize in exterior painting services. It is our goal to help you achieve your home design vision through our professional painting and lightRead the full article

05 May 2022

What Is Scaffolding and How Do I Use It?

Scaffolding refers to a ladder-like tool that allows persons, like painters, to access surfaces unreachable from the floor. Scaffolding has four points of contact with the floor, compared to only two, such as with a ladder. This makes scaffolding considerably more stable than a ladder, while providing a larger standing surface. Today, we will brieflyRead the full article

What Paint Do I Use in My Bathroom?

In today’s modern paint world, we’re no longer at the mercy of pesky problems that can occur in moist, warm environments. Mold and other fungi grow best in these environments, which often describes our bathrooms and laundry rooms. Today, we will briefly discuss what these moist environment paints do and how they can help keepRead the full article

28 February 2022

Here’s What You Should Know About The Different Kinds of Paint Brushes

Many of us enjoy painting, whether it’s a home or a canvas we’re splashing paint on. Paints let us express ourselves in a unique way, which is why so many find it satisfying. Most of us apply paint with the same tool as our ancestors, the brush. Brushes are designed for specific paint mediums, surfaces,Read the full article

17 January 2022

Helpful Tips For Choosing An Accent Wall Color

Accent colors usually have a dramatic effect on the overall appearance of the room. Sometimes we agonize over this shade or that, which sheen looks best, and whether or not to use texture. Today, we will offer up a few tips interior designers use to make the most of accent wall colors. Isn’t an AccentRead the full article

21 December 2021

How To Keep Your Paint Brushes In Good Shape

If you’ve never had to throw away an expensive paintbrush, you’re among the few. When we’re finally finished painting, it looks great, and we’re exhausted, often the paintbrushes pay the price. Good paintbrushes are designed to last, but only if they are properly cared for. Today, we will offer a few tips from the prosRead the full article

30 November 2021

3 Common Mistakes Commercial Office Painters Make

Professional painters are very good at what they do, but even the pros make mistakes. Today, we will discuss three office painting mistakes commercial painters sometimes make and how to avoid them. Moving Obstacles Pro painters are there to get the job done, but sometimes their enthusiasm causes more problems than it solves. An exampleRead the full article

04 November 2021

Paint it Pink in Anoka, MN

CertaPro Painters® of Anoka, MN have partnered with Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to Paint it Pink in our local community. During the months of October and November this year it is our goal to assist with raising 100k to aid in breast cancer research. Participating franchisees will be donating $10 from every painting projectRead the full article

30 July 2021

How to Prep Your Home for Exterior & Interior Painting

  Even though you have decided to hire a professional like Certa Pro to paint your home. You might be asking, are there still any things you can do the prep your home? While most of the prep is also completed by our professional team, there are a few action items you can tackle beforeRead the full article