Best Colors to Paint Your Bathroom

When it comes to decorating your home, the painting your bathroom is an important room to consider. Being smaller than other rooms, bathroom decor can be a way to express personal style and creativity without affecting the whole house. Influencing how we feel, think, and act, color is an essential element of a room’s aesthetic. So, what are the best colors to paint your bathroom?

Classic White

It is hard to go wrong with a white bathroom. However, sometimes, too much white can come off as harsh and unwelcoming. If crisp white seems too sterile for your style, a softer off-white color may be a better pick. If chosen correctly, though, white is clean, chic, and relaxing. It’s also the perfect base for colorful tiles or other elements you want to add. 



Basic Blue

The calming, cool color of blue, often associated with water, is a strong contender for choice of bathroom wall paint. As the color of the ocean and the sky, blue evokes feelings of being free, refreshed, and rejuvenated. Blue is also a universally well-liked color, meaning your bathroom will be visually appealing to members of your household and guests alike. Additionally, blue hues can make your bathroom space look bigger.



Choosing Bright

If you’re the type of person to make statements by using the paint color in your home, no fear! The bathroom is a great place for that. Make your bathroom a place to get energized by choosing two complementary bright colors. If it’s a small bathroom, tone down the brights by introducing white into the pallet. Yellow, pink, red, and green are all great colors to put into a lively bathroom. 





Paint Your Bathroom with CertaPro Painters®

As you can see, there are a lot of options when it come to choosing your bathroom paint color. If need some help fine-turning your bathroom color palette, call CertaPro Painters® of Annapolis, MD. CertaPro Painters® even offers free color consultation to help you choose the best color for your home. No matter what your style, our team can help you refresh your bathroom (or any other interior or exterior painting project you have on your list!). Call us today to get a free estimate!