White Painted Kitchen Cabinets – A Popular Trend in Orange County

Paint Your Cabinets White to Update Your Outdated Kitchen

All kitchens need updating every so often, it is an inevitable part of maintaining your home. Kitchen cabinets are a heavily used item in the house, over time they will get chipped, scratched, damaged, or faded. If your home was build in the 80’s or 90’s and still has its cabinets, there’s a good chance they were finished with a stain that now looks out of day and not on-trend.

We have been helping customers in the greater Orange County area with outdated or damaged cabinets update the look of their kitchen with cabinet painting services for many years. Over the last 4-6 years a trend has emerged to paint cabinets white to give kitchens a lighter, more open feel. White cabinets offer a modern and classy look that has proven to stand the test of time.

Looking to have your kitchen cabinets painted white professionally? We can help. 

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Before & After Painting Cabinets White – Project in Anaheim, CA completed by our team.

About Cabinet Painting Projects

See our cabinet painting services page for more detailed information on cabinet restoration projects. Cabinet painting is a detailed and involved painting project that is generally not recommended as a DIY project. Failure to prep properly, or use of the wrong products can result in the paint peeling or failing within a few years of the project being done. For these reasons we generally recommend homeowners strongly consider a professional team for this type of work.

Generally you can expect the following workflow:

  • Doors & hardware are removed
  • Surfaces are prepped: This step may include sanding, wood repairs. We also mask and cover surrounding kitchen surfaces
  • Caulking is applied to seams, bondo applied to imperfections on cabinets
  • Airless spray oil based or shellac primer coats are applied to cabinets
  • Prime coats are left to dry
  • Airless spray waterborne alkyd urethane or lacquer top coats are applied to cabinetry surfaces
  • Remove tap and masking
  • Re-install hinges and hardware


More examples from our portfolio of white painted cabinets in our service area (Anaheim, Orange County, Yorba Linda areas)

Below are just a few after photos of white kitchen cabinet projects. White has been our top selling choice on cabinet painting projects for a few years now, with good reason (it looks great!).

white painted cabinets yorba linda
This customer in Yorba Linda had us update the kitchen cabinets with white paint. We love the final look.
White Painted Cabinets Yorba Linda
This kitchen in Brea, CA was updated with white cabinets, as well as painting for the interior walls.
White cabinets
White painted cabinet project for a customer in Orange County, CA