What To Expect – Your Upcoming Paint Project

Our goal is to provide the best customer experience possible. In the video above we outline what to expect when hiring us for a painting project in your home or business.

Our Team

You will be assigned a job site supervisor who will be present at all times unless he’s running to the paint store to pick up supplies. The details of your contract and project will be shared with each member of the CertaPro team so everyone is on the same page with what needs to be completed. Each of our foreman have over 10 years of painting experience and pride themselves on quality of workmanship.

Let us know any specific instructions

If you have any pets, areas of the home that are off limits, or other special requests make sure to let us know at the begging of the project.

On exterior projects we likely power wash on the first day

Make sure all windows are closed and move any objects like plants, toys , or bikes away from the structure of the home. We will need to set up a staging area, so let us know if there is a spot you would like us to use.

Interior projects

If we are painting the interior of your home, please remove any fragile items from areas included in the scope of work prior to our arrival. We will move all furniture to the center of the room and cover them with protective tarps.

Think of something after the project started?

Any additional work that is not included in your contract should be brought up with your job site supervisor, we will work with you get get pricing and get the work completed.

After the Project is complete

Your job site supervisor will schedule a time with you to complete an inspection pride walk. This is your opportunity to review the work completed and let your job site supervisor know any concerns you may have.