Painting Difficult to Reach Areas on Residential Homes

Homes with difficult to reach surfaces need specialized equipment to paint

Our service area of the greater Anaheim area has many residential and commercial properties that tall exterior walls. Adding to the height of the walls is the hilly terrain of the Los Angeles area. Depending on the home, sometimes being built on a hill can present challenges for even simple 2 story homes.

Painting Exteriors with a Boom Lift

Some projects will require the use of a boom lift to paint the exterior. If you have a property that requires a lift, it is best to leave the work to a professional team trained in the operation of boom lifts. Most professional painting companies have trained team members and access to this type of equipment.

Pictured to the right is an example of a home in San Clemente that posed a few challenges when we were hired to do a full exterior painting project. The home has rounded exterior surfaces, and the stairway leading up leaves our crew without the ability to set up ladders or scaffolding to handle this portion of the home.  Like many residential properties in the area, it is build on a steep incline which results in many portions of the exterior inaccessible to ladder placement.  To complete this job we used a 66′ Boom lift that could reach all of the tower from the street. The street outside this home was also fairly narrow and we needed a lift with a relatively small footprint to not block the road entirely.



Painting With Ladders and Scaffolding

scaffolding set up on house

Most simple residential projects can be completed with extension ladders. Using ladders can be dangerous, if you have a two story or more home and are not confident in ladder usage, this is also a case where hiring a professional team is in your best interest. Ladders can be dangerous if not set up and used properly. Ladders can get the job done for most homes set on flat ground, the downside is ladders will require frequent moving and placement to reach all of the areas of the exterior.

Scaffolding is also an option for tall buildings. Its better suited for projects where working at height for extended periods of time will be required. Things like large areas of stucco repair or carpentry work on a 2nd or 3rd floor. Scaffolding allows workers greater freedom of movement to do more complicated tasks. The downside is that scaffolding will take longer to set up and break down, which will lead to higher overall project costs.


If you need assistance with painting your home and live in the greater Anaheim, CA service area, we can help. Get started by requesting a free estimate appointment with our team. The project estimator will prepare you a quote and provide a recommendation for the project plan and what type of equipment will be used.