Kids Bedroom Paint Colors

Kids Bedroom Paint Colors

We all want our kids to be happy and comfortable in their rooms. The color of the paint on their bedroom’s walls can have an effect on their mood and behaviors just as it can in adults. Here are the top 7 colors to put in your child’s bedroom.


White is like a blank canvas. It allows the freedom to do whatever you want with the décor. You can choose to go with bold and colorful décor, or you can go the fresh and clean route. Either way you can’t go wrong with a nice white shade.

white painted kids room


Light blue is more relaxing and peaceful. But dark blue can be cozy and warm. Also, a darker blue shade will transition well into their teenage years.

blue painted kids room


Another shade of blue but a little bolder. Pair it with corals, pinks, or greens to make a unique and fun room your child will be sure to love.

aqua painted kids room


If you are looking for a happy color this is it. Yellow can also provoke children to be more energized (we’ll let you choose if this is a good thing or not.)

yellow painted kids room

Chalkboard Walls

Perhaps the most fun of the options. Chalkboard walls are a sure-fire way to please your children. This will allow them to express their creativity and they will love showing their friends. Also, maybe this will keep them from drawing on the actual walls.

chalkboard walls kids room


The right shade of green can make for a wonderful child’s room color. Natural light, plants, and white bedding paired with wooden furniture is a beautiful yet different look.

green painted kids room


Orange can be friendly and warm. Paired with creams and browns this will be the coziest room yet.

orange painted kids room