Instant Curb Appeal – Painting / Staining Your Front Door

teal door Whittier
A front door we recently painted teal for a customer in Orange, CA.

Front doors are often the first item to draw the attention of visitors to your home. Front doors offer an opportunity to try stand out and impress, in our service area of Yorba Linda, we have done a wide variety of types of doors including natural stain finishes and front doors with vibrant colors.

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Prep Work for Door Painting & Staining Projectsfront door being sanded in prep for staining project

Estimate needing about a can of exterior paint or one quart. Look for paint that will hold up against the elements well. We recommend using an acrylic or latex-based paint. The more glossy the paint, the easier it will be to clean, so you might want to consider a paint that is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, such as semi-gloss or satin.

Using a latex-based paint will provide you with the most protection and give you the most coverage against flaws and imperfections.

Start by taking off the door. Remove the screws and hinge pins with a screwdriver. A flathead is ideal for loosening up the hinge pins while a Phillips head is better for removing the screws. Take care not to strip the hardware. You will want to use something such as a storm door for coverage while you are waiting for the paint on your front door to dry.

When you have removed your door, it is a good idea the sand it to smooth is over and have a nice even surface. A medium grit sandpaper is a good start. As you work over the surface, you may want to move up to a finer grit. You can fix up cracks with a bit of caulk and a putty knife. Remember to clear away sanding dust before moving on to priming.




Applying Paint priming a wood door to paint it

When painting a door, use a single coat of primer to give the door a nice smooth and even texture while protecting it from excess moisture. Allow the front to dry before moving to the back.

When your primer has finished drying, begin painting your door from the top to bottom. Use a cloth to wipe away lines while making strokes with a wide brush. Use two coats as a minimum, adding more layers as you see fit.

When you’ve finished adding layers of paint, wait for the door to finish drying completely before reinstalling it. A freshly painting front door is a simple project but makes a huge difference to the appearance of your home’s exterior!


Applying Stain

stained front door
Front door staining project for a customer in San Clemente, CA

Natural wood doors are popular and common in California, stained doors offer a natural and elegant aesthetic that is sure to impress. Staining is also a popular option for home with wooden garage doors, a stained garage door is a beautiful look that is resistant to water and light impact damage.

After sanding is completed, the door is ready to be stained. Application of stain on the door is one of the easiest parts of the project, its a good idea to have a tray to hold the staining product, pads, sponges, or a bristle brush to use during the application. Having a large tarp under your staining area is a good idea as some stain is likely to drip onto the floor.

Some types of wood may need a wood conditioner applied, be sure to research the best application method for the type of wood you have. Once applied, wipe the stain down and let it air dry for about 24 hours. Some projects also do a top clear coat applied as the final step.

For more information about staining projects, be sure to see our professional staining services page.