How to make your home more valuable and sell faster

Bringing outsiders into your home is scary. Even more so if you are in the selling process. Getting your home ready for shoppers is an important step that could leave money on the table at closing if you choose to skip it. Here is how to make your home more valuable and sell faster with some paint and a few upgrades.


Get rid of items that sit around and take up every square inch of your home. It’s long been said to depersonalize your home prior to showings. Not so, you want it to feel roomy but not sterile. Allow your home to show in a way it would look if the potential new buyer lived there. They don’t want to envision themselves in a generic hotel.

Fresh Paint

Walls get dingy with daily living. Take some time to put a fresh coat of neutral paint up. Choose a warm and inviting color that is neutral enough to appeal to many tastes. This will help your viewers imagine how the home would look in their style.

Use a new coat of paint on your front door to create a stylish and welcoming first impression. Recommended colors are bright red or just shy of black. Both show confidence and will set your home apart from others in the neighborhood. Hiring a professional crew of interior painters will ensure the best possible results.


Either take time off to fix minor issues from daily use in your home. Holes in walls, broken door knobs, cracked tile, threadbare carpet and other minor issues take minimal money and time to fix. They will present your home in a better light and give new owners a fresh home to tour.


Clean everything until it sparkles. Shiney is the way to go when selling. Hang fresh towels and clear away limescale. Use candles, wax burners or sprays to give your home a fresh, but not overpowering, smell. Trim bushes back and plant fresh flowers. Make sure your house number is visible and beautiful.


A kitchen can make or break a sale. If upgrading the countertops and appliances is out of the budget, consider refacing your cabinets. Putting a new coat of paint on the wood can make the whole kitchen look upgraded. It’s cheaper than the other options and very often just as effective.


When you are cleaning your home, don’t neglect the windows, both inside and out. The light will add an air to the room. If you have a small or dark corner, add a lamp or mirror to make them warmer and brighter.

Bringing in a realtor to help you decide which tasks are worth the money will help focus your efforts. Bringing in a CertaPro estimator will get you a fully fleshed out estimate to allow our team to take care of the work for you.