How a black ceiling in retail space can improve appearances

Black is chic, black is bold, black is underutilized in retail stores. A black ceiling in retail spaces can create a welcoming environment that works for you.

Just like in clothing, black hides all manner of sins. Retail stores typically have ceilings that are less than attractive. Don’t fuss with ceiling tiles or other ways to hide what’s naturally up in your location, paint it.

Here’s how a black ceiling can transform your store and improve overall appearances.

Hides unattractive equipment.

A black ceiling will cause eyes to naturally gravitate away from HVAC and lighting wires in the ceiling and bring them back down where they belong: on your merchandise. Black cameras, security feeds, and other necessary evils of any retail store are easily hidden in the black of the ceiling. Wires and do-dads would be easily visible against any other color.

Define vertical space.

It’s easy for eyes to wander upward when you have merchandise up to the rafters. It also causes customers to get lost in too many options. Separate your merchandise from the ceiling and create a no-zone for hanging items.

Create dimension.

Using a dark color for the ceiling and other colors on the walls and in the racks will create dimension in your store front. The colors you choose can bring attention to particular sale items. The black ceiling will add a neutral background to the roof, and make the colors you choose pop more.

Contrast colors.

Black ceilings create a nice contrast to any color palette you choose. Because black goes with literally any color, it makes a nice and easy choice for the ceiling. It will bring down brights in intensity, and let light colors shine.

Make ceilings look lower.

A store can look empty with high ceilings. Help make them feel lower with black paint. A high ceiling can feel cavernous and make merchandise look minuscule. A small paint job can make the ceiling feel lower without a costly renovation.