4 Tips To Pick The Perfect Paint Color

When it’s time for a painting project, it’s not uncommon for the hardest decisions to revolve around color selection. Many customers come to us seeking adviser or tips, we do offer color consultations if you are looking for assistance with picking colors. However, take these items in mind when thinking about what colors to go with for your home.

Having a hard time picking a paint color? Take a look a few of these tips on how to choose the right paint colors:


Rather than finish your room with textiles that match the walls, start with them. Choose a textile item to be included in the room and take your color inspiration from there.

By choosing paint first, you limit your options when adding the finishing touches to your room. If you are undecided on paint, or only have a vague idea where you’d like to go with color, choose textiles first. Pick a bed cover, pillow or accent table you want to work around. This will narrow down the color choices to start with.

Adjacent space

Chances are, in your home, one room is seen from another. When you are choosing paint colors for walls, it’s important to take this into account. Paint color choices may clash with each other, even though they are in separate rooms. Your eyes also will need time to rest between two or more bright colors in your home. This makes your home feel busy and overwhelming.

Each room does not need a distinct style of its own. Homeowners can fall into this trap when they are not focused on the overall look of their home. The color scheme should feel cohesive throughout, while still giving each room a different feel.

Paint is unifying. Grab some paint swatches and consider the color with your existing pieces and colors. The colors should be complimentary, but not necessarily matchy-matchy.


Lighting can change the feel and look of a particular color immensely. Tones of a color are more or less present with particular lighting options. The room will feel very different with a bright sunshine versus a neon lamp. For this reason, testing the color at different times of day and lighting options, is crucial.

Samples that are on different walls, and heights should be painted in the size of a poster. Make sure you have a look at it during different parts of the day and from different rooms, if it will be visible.






A finish can make or break a color choice. A great color choice that is shiny can be abrasive on your eyes. Here is the breakdown of what a finish is best used for.

Flat: Least shiny. Doesn’t clean well. Avoid in kitchens and kids rooms.
Eggshell: A little shine. Great for a decorative finish. Try it in a dining room.
Satin: A highly sought choice. Good for high-traffic.
Semi-gloss: Shiny finish. Polished but durable and stain resistant. Great for baths and kitchens.