28 July 2022

Painting & Staining: What’s the difference?

Now that the summer season is upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how to refresh your outdoor entertainment spaces. Here at CertaPro Painters® of Yorba Linda, we recommend adding a fresh coat of paint or stain to any exterior wood structure, like fences, gates, pergolas, or patios. Not only will this make theseRead the full article

Exterior Paint Colors for Commercial Spaces in Yorba Linda, CA

Could your local business use a fresh pop of color this season? Maintaining your commercial exterior can make your facility look inviting and may even attract new clients. Here at CertaPro Painters® of Yorba Linda, we have the expertise you need to renovate the exterior of your local business. Below are a few commercial paintingRead the full article

22 January 2022

Top Trending Paint Colors for 2022

Each year brings new trends and colors when it comes to paint color selection. Here in the Orange County / Yorba Linda areas a few popular trends from 2021 have carried over, but we expect to see at least a few new colors emerge this year as popular contenders on house painting projects. Very PeriRead the full article

22 November 2021

White Painted Kitchen Cabinets – A Popular Trend in Orange County

Paint Your Cabinets White to Update Your Outdated Kitchen All kitchens need updating every so often, it is an inevitable part of maintaining your home. Kitchen cabinets are a heavily used item in the house, over time they will get chipped, scratched, damaged, or faded. If your home was build in the 80’s or 90’sRead the full article

20 October 2021

Get Ready For the Holidays with Interior Projects

It’s nearing the end of October already and the holiday season is rapidly approaching. We have been getting calls from customers asking if we still have time to complete projects before Thanksgiving. As of now, we still have room to fit projects in but our schedule is filling quickly. This post will outline some ofRead the full article

23 September 2021

White Painted Exteriors: A growing trend in the Anaheim and Yorba Linda areas

White painted exteriors have always been a classic look in California. However this year (2021) we have seen a sharp uptick in requests from customers asking for white exteriors. White stucco exteriors have a classic look that has stood the test of time, in this post we will showcase some of our favorite projects fromRead the full article

26 July 2021

Staircase Restoration for Homes in Anaheim & Yorba Linda

Staircase Restoration & Painting Staircases are often a main focal point on the interior of 2 story homes. Our service area of Anaheim and Yorba Linda has many homes with staircases built with high quality materials and woodworking that have been worn down over time to wear and tear. It’s often more affordable and inRead the full article

Instant Curb Appeal – Painting / Staining Your Front Door

Front doors are often the first item to draw the attention of visitors to your home. Front doors offer an opportunity to try stand out and impress, in our service area of Yorba Linda, we have done a wide variety of types of doors including natural stain finishes and front doors with vibrant colors. IfRead the full article

24 June 2021

Safety Tips for Painting Projects

Before any painting project, it is important to stay safe. Here at CertaPro Painters® of Yorba Linda, CA – jobsite safety is our highest priority. If you have safety concerns about your painting project, its often best to hire a professional crew to avoid any potential risks. If you do decide to proceed with yourRead the full article

24 May 2021

How To Hire A Commercial Painter: Your Checklist

When we talk with commercial property managers in our service area, its common for them the have some confusion around how to choose the best painter for a project. Maintenance projects like painting and repairs may not be in the wheelhouse of the decision maker. Below is a good guide on how to research andRead the full article