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Painting is something we do every day, but for you, it may be something you only do every few years. So, you probably have a few questions. Below is a list of the usual questions. However, if you have more questions, please ask. We’re happy to help!

What time will your painters arrive? How long will the painters be at my house / How long will the painting project take?

Our painters arrive between 8AM and 8:30AM. They will need someone at the property to give access unless other arrangements have been made. Our team wraps up their day between 4 and 5PM. The length of your project will be discussed during the scheduling process. You will be given an update at the end of each day on the progress of your project with an estimated completion day and time.

Do I need to be home while the painters are there?

No. We do ask that you be present during the first and last 10 minutes of the project. During the first 10 minutes on the project start date is when you will meet with the Job Site Supervisor to be able to review the contract, ask any questions, address any concerns, and go over the project plan. Then during the last 10 minutes, or the Pride Walk as we call it, you will be able to review all the work that was completed with the Job Site Supervisor or Project Manager to ensure your complete satisfaction.

What do I need to do to be ready for when the painting crew arrives?

We ask all customers to help with some standard preparation to ensure we can complete your painting project in a timely manner.

Interior- We ask that small and fragile objects be removed from the rooms that we will be painting in, as well as removing all pictures and wall decorations. Take down drapes and blinds, empty closets, and bookshelves. Any furniture that you can move, should be moved to the center of the room. For cabinet painting, please empty drawers and cabinets with glass or other fragile items.

Exterior- Your Salesperson can give you tips on what is needed for your particular project. If there are plants or vegetation within a foot of the home, this will need to be trimmed back.

Pets? What do I do with my pet while the painters are working on the house?

Please keep animals out of the paint area whether work is taking place inside or outside. Keep animals in another room or consider boarding them during your project. This is for their and our protection.

When will I need to paint again? How long will the paint job last?

Interior – An interior paint project really has a lot to do with wear and tear. If you have a high traffic area, it’s going to need to be repainted more frequently than a room that has little to no traffic.

Exterior – There are numerous factors need to be considered. Things such as which side of the house gets the most sun, or if sprinklers are throwing water on the home regularly, or even the surface we’re painting. it’s hard to put an exact time frame, but in the Western New York area we can put a range expecting approximately 5 to 15 years.

What is the process for painting the house? What do you do first?

Each homeowner has a different vision of their project. This means that the level of preparation will be tailored to meet the needs of each homeowner and their unique project. These are some of the standard steps taken to paint your home.
Washing – (exterior only) New paint requires a clean, dry, and firm base to adhere correctly.

Scraping – removing loose and peeling paint by scrapers, knives and/or steel brushes.
Sanding – also used to remove loose and peeling paint. Sanding also helps smooth out rough edges.
Caulking and Sealing – areas that have been previously caulked where the caulk is missing or failing.
Priming – full and spot prime where necessary
Paint- apply the predetermined number of coats.

Where should I start when selecting paint colors?

At CertaPro Painters of WNY, we use primarily Sherwin-Williams products. Going to your local store or visiting their website and checking out their color wall is the best way to see all that they offer. You can also visit our Facebook page for more color inspiration. Sherwin-Williams can also match a paint color previously used or a different brand’s color by bringing a paint sample or color chip into your local store.