Trending Paint Colors for 2021

One of the main reasons to paint your home whether inside or outside is to update and rejuvenate your space. A new wall or siding color has the power to completely transform the look and feel of your home. Bright colors offer a new modern look that can bring energy and a feeling of happiness to a room. Calming light blues, whites and other soothing colors can bring peace and tranquility especially after the last year we all had. At the beginning of each new year most major paint companies predict what colors will be trending. I have gone through their 2021 lists and compiled a quick and easy guide for you to achieve the look and feeling you’re hoping to create this year.

Calming Colors

It is no surprise that calming colors will be a huge trend this year. Following a year filled with so much uncertainty, and many still working and schooling from home, soft blues and muted greens are expected to be on the rise in 2021. These subtle shades are a great compromise for those who want some color but are not ready to go big and bold. Muted neutrals and cool whites especially near windows provide natural light and serenity. Seek shades that are peaceful and calming for both the mind and the eyes

Top colors: Snowbound SW 7004, Light French Gray SW 0055, Pearly White SW 7009, Filmy Green SW 6190, Sea Spray SW 9651, Soar SW6799, Iceberg SW 6798, and Rainsong SW 9681.

calm colors 2021
Paint Colors: Uncertain Gray 50% + Stardew 50%, Sherwin-Williams. In this office-meets-laundry room designed by Utah-based Simons Design Studio, cabinetry painted in a powdery blue offers a soft dose of color that stands in as a neutral.

Colors Inspired by Nature

Nature has long influenced homeowner’s paint color selections. For those of us living in our cold WNY area, and cities and suburbs, we are not always able to enjoy natures beauty. By incorporating outdoor elements inside of our homes, we can invite a sense of wellness and feeling of being grounded. When painted on walls and cabinetry, soothing nature-inspired earth tones provide a relaxing organic atmosphere. Colors like muted moss green, diffused clay and spice tones are expected to increase in popularity in the year ahead.

Rich Earth Tones

Top colors: Blustery Sky SW 9140, Reddened Earth SW 6053, Rosemary SW 6187, Tarnished Trumpet SW 9026, Retreat SW 6207, Hardware SW 6172, Oakmoss SW 6180, and Canyon Clay SW 6054.

Warm, Nature-Inspired Neutrals

Top Colors: Pure White SW 7005, Modern Gray SW 7632, Biscuit SW 6112, Kilim Beige SW 6106, Latte SW 6108, Balanced Beige SW 7037, Breathless SW 6022, and Banana Cream SW6673.

earth colors on interior
Paint colors: Origami White SW 7636 and Retreat SW 6207.

Jewel Tones

Another trend that started to unfold last year were jewel toned paints. Think brilliant pinks, blues, and greens. However, moving into 2021 experts expect to see homeowners and designers choose rich, deep neutrals like chestnut, charcoal (an almost black) and dark jewel tones. These deep colors have multiple undertones, giving a complex and exciting appearance to surfaces. These colors are best used in rooms with plenty of natural light. Pairing Jewel tones with white accents add contrast to a room or your home’s exterior.

Top colors: Oceanside SW 6496, Jaipur Pink SW 6577, Perfect Periwinkle SW 9065 Tricorn Black SW 6258, Poinsettia SW 6594, Framboise SW 6566, and Cape Verde SW 6482

jewel tone painted room
In this home office by Timber Trails, home builders based in Illinois, white accessories and furnishings pop against subdued blue built-ins.
Paint Color: Charlotte Slate, Benjamin Moore.

Happy Hues

Color plays an important role in our homes and our moods, so seeking out opportunities to incorporate hues that make us happy are always the right choice. Think bright, punchy colors and cool neutrals. Whether it’s a whole room or just an accent wall, laundry room cabinetry updated with a happy shade of green-blue, or a bright and happy shade of yellow for your front door. These vibrant colors when mixed with subdued pastels and grays offer a modern look with lots of charm.

Tops colors: Limón Fresco SW 9030, Novel Lilac SW 6836, Cyberspace SW 7076. Great Falls SW 6495, Swimming SW 6764, Crushed Ice SW 7647.

blue house newly painted
Paint colors: Midnight Blue, Behr and Lemoney, Magnolia.