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Refresh the Look and Feel of your Dining Room

Dining rooms are an often an overlooked element in many homes. It’s a space where meals are served and guests are entertained, so it’s important to factor in the look and feel of your dining room. This living space carries with it traditions handed down from one generation to the next. Whether you are enjoying a milestone birthday or a holiday feast, no other area of the home will make the impression that the dining room will. Any food aficionado will tell you that the most delicious dining experiences are filled with the perfect blend of flavors, scents, and colors. Add visual interest in the form of distinctive paint colors and unique accessories and you’ll create a favorite food-focused gathering place for family and friends. You can use our color resources to help find the right colors for your dining and entertainment space.

Sample Project 1: Dining Room Painting in Winston-Salem, NC

CertaPro Painters® of Winston-Salem updated the color of this dining room from a deep burgundy to a lighter gray and painted the ceiling and trim to match. Our team used Sherwin-Williams Ellie Gray on the walls and Extra White on the ceiling and trim. The family was very happy with the finished product and felt the new color made their dining room space feel larger and more modern.



Dining Room Interior

Dining Room Interior

Excellent attention to detail. Fabulous paint job. The owners only focus was to make sure we were happy with the results. We plan on using Mike’s team for a much larger indoor project later this fall.

- Ron G.

Ron G.

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Sample Project 2: Dining Room Painting in Winston-Salem, NC

Homeowners in Winston-Salem, NC reached out to us to transform their dark dining room walls to a lighter color to brighten up their home. The family was very pleased with the final results telling us the finished dining room was “exactly how I pictured it”.





You can Rely on the Process of CertaPro Painters of Winston-Salem

CertaPro Painters® of Winston-Salem will help choose the right type of paint for your dining room painting project. Whether you want to avoid that ‘new paint smell’ or ensure the walls can be cleaned and are scrubbable so you can remove little fingerprints, expert advice about the latest improvements in paint are just a click or phone call away!

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In addition to interior and exterior painting, we offer a variety of residential services to homeowners in and around Winston-Salem.

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