Modern Living Room Color Combo Ideas for 2020

Since your living room is a space where you will be spending a lot of time with your friends and family, you want it to convey positive feelings. Ideally, people will view your living room as a calming and welcoming space where they can have fun and relax. Color plays such a big role in the overall feeling of a room so it’s important that you are choosing the right ones. Keep reading for our favorite modern living room color combo ideas for this 2020.

White and Shades of Cream
A white living room is so stunning if your lifestyle will allow for it. It is peaceful and serene. Adding accents in shades of cream will really take your living room to the next level. It will be the ideal place to spend time in.
Classic Blue and Neutrals
Incorporate the color of 2020 into your home by painting your living room a beautiful classic blue. This classic blue looks excellent when paired with neutral shades.
Mint Green White or Gray Wood
This a unique and gorgeous paint color for your living room. It works especially well if you have a lot of white or gray wood accents. You can pair with other bold colors such as royal blue or tone it down by keeping everything else in the room neutral.
Dark Gray and Coral
We like this paint color best if you are going to go bold with the rest of the color in the room. Dark gray walls paired with brightly colored furniture such as coral looks stunning.
Light Blue and White/Cream
Make the space feel light, airy and relaxing by painting a shade of light blue on the walls. Add in white and cream accents to make this room cozy.

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