HOA Gates in Porter Ranch, CA

in Porter Ranch, CA

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HOA Gate Painting Service in Porter Ranch, CA

Our painting team was professionally hired to paint the vehicle and pedestrian gates for this Homeowners Association property in Porter Ranch, CA. The requested painting project was to repaint the gates and gate landscaping lights with fresh, new black paint.

Challenges and Conditions of the Project


Gates were in a fair condition but were showing signs of paint failure —spot rusting, peeling paint, and exposed metal.

Project Involvement:

Surfaces were lightly sanded, and spot treated with a rust inhibiting primer. Application was a mix of brush/roll and airless spraying, depending on the area/surface. (example – the metal mesh of most pedestrian gates should always be sprayed for a professional finish.)

Special Challenges:

We worked with the HOA to ensure vehicles had proper access while we worked on the gates, while still keeping our painters safe.

Project Timeline:

2 Days

After Photos

Below are the final results of this project. Click on any image to zoom in.

Pedestrian Gate

Pedestrian Gate

Gate Wall Lights

Gate Wall Lights

Painting of HOA Vehicle Gate

Painting of HOA Vehicle Gate