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Drywall Repair & Finishing

Drywall is a common interior building material for most modern homes built these days. It’s sturdy and fire resistant, making it a perfect building material for most homes. However, like most things, nothing is perfect, and drywall is not immune to damage from external sources. Maybe you were in the process of moving and you dinged your wall while moving furniture. A pipe could have busted, resorting to an emergency call from your plumber, or your home needs electrical repairs done. Either way, sometimes contractors tend to leave a series of holes behind after these repairs are fixed.

The house painting expert paintings at CertaPro Painters® of Thousand Oaks can professionally replace or repair your drywall and refinish the surface with any paint, or specialty finish you desire. From small punch-through holes to hanging new drywall panels, cutting, attaching, and applying a final skim coating and sanding, CertaPro Painters is your one-stop shop for all your drywall repair needs. Our painters have built a professional reputation by delivering a great customer service experience. Schedule today for a free estimate for your drywall repair needs.

Common Drywall Problems

Before you are looking to repaint the interior of your home, it’s best to fix any drywall damage for a smooth painting application and finish. Our CertaPro Painters®  painting experts have years of experience in drywall repair, making it easy for them to deliver impeccable results quickly and efficiently. There are many factors that can damage drywall, leaving behind holes, cracks, dents, and damp patches of all sizes. Some of the most common types of damaged drywall include:


It happens often. When someone knocks into the wall, it can create a dent. Usually, the dents can’t be repaired, but the panels need to be replaced. This is the only way to make the paint job look flawless.

Furniture Scuffs

Careless furniture handling can lead to pencil-like marks at best and holes in the drywall at worst.

Water Damage

Usually caused by leaking pipes, water damage weakens the structural integrity of the drywall and can even be a health hazard. Even if there are no visible water patches, moisture in the walls or ceilings can lead to other problems like cracks and loosened joint tape.


If there are cracks in the drywall, it can either be plastered over so they are not visible or the entire drywall panel should be replaced.


Holes are usually caused by accidental forceful impact, like a door being slammed open or someone falling into the wall. Depending on what made the impact, you could be looking at anything from a small puncture to a worrying crater.


Removing anything attached to the wall, whether it be tile, wallpaper, or even objects like mirrors, can lead to pieces of drywall coming off.

Benefits of Drywall Repair

For many homeowners, drywall is an essential construction material that encompasses the interior of their homes. Many people use drywall because it offers several benefits, such as being fire-resistant and energy efficiency. Drywall can tolerate many forms of wear and tear inside your home, but when damages happen it can become an eyesore and requires repair. While some would prefer to simply cover the damage with a piece of furniture or a wall-hanging object, drywall repair is the truest form to correct the damage that occurred.

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Priming Drywall for Paint

Priming drywall after a repair is an extremely important step which should never be overlooked. Due to the natural texture of drywall, painting directly over the skim coat will not leave a fully even surface. Drywall priming involves sanding down, wiping, cleaning, and finally applying a drywall primer/sealer. This sticks to the drywall to create a perfectly smooth surface for painting as well as prevents the paint from being absorbed into the drywall.

Our CertaPro Painters® drywall repair services will always include all these necessary steps for a perfect finish. Of course, the drywall priming process will vary depending on the size of the repair. If we are only repairing a small hole, the primer will be applied directly onto the spackle or drywall compound with a paintbrush or roller. Larger repairs and replacements will usually mean re-repriming the wall entirely.

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Hiring our CertaPro Painters® of Thousand Oaks, CA drywall repair services is an easy and quick way to refresh a room whose walls are looking tired and damaged. You can also combine this with our interior painting services to completely transform a space with a fresh coat of paint, whether you just want a subtle update or a complete color overhaul.

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