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Why Painting Stucco Exteriors is Important

Posted on November 19, 2020

stucco painting project
We completed an exterior stucco painting project for this Agoura Hills home.

Stucco is an excellent and long lasting exterior building material that is commonly used in the Los Angeles area. Stucco is overall low maintenance, however over time weather, sun, and wind, will cause the surface to fade and possibly crack. Repairs and painting should be done periodically to keep the stucco protected and in top condition. Painting stucco has a variety of benefits including:

Protecting from Moisture

Stucco will slowly absorb moisture from rain and humidity. A coating of paint gives an added layer of moisture protection that can prevent water from getting soaked into any of the porous areas or cracks in the surface. The added layer of protection will greatly lengthen the life of stucco surfaces on your home.

Evens out faded areas and stains

Stucco can stain or fade. Stains are most commonly caused by rust stains or window trim from nails, rotting wood, or other secondary building components on the house. No need to panic, this type of problem is fairly common and normal on stucco homes and can be easily patched and repaired to like new condition with some prep work and a new coat of paint.

Fills in small cracks

Hairline cracks develop in stucco over time. If cracks go unchecked, they will get worse over time as water and debris make their way into the opening. For hairline cracks, sometimes all that is needed is the normal top coat of paint to fill in the gap. Larger cracks should get filled in prior to painting. During an estimate appointment with a painter, you should point out any known areas of stucco damage so they can properly asses what materials will be needed for the repair.

Curb Appeal

No matter the exterior surface, a fresh coat of paint can greatly boost the curb appeal of a home. If you are considering selling your home in the next year or so, a paint job is a great idea and a good investment. For upcoming sales painting the home often pays for itself in increased sale price. It also lowers the amount of time on average a home will sit on the market by being more appealing to potential buyers.

Protects from the sun

The sun is relentlessly beating on your paint daily. The rays can wear away at the durability of the paint. Since this is the first line of defense between your family and pests and weather, you want to have the best protection. After the paint begins to fade, you’re on a fast track to holes and cracks. Without intervention, this can ultimately lead to pricey structural damage. Painting the stucco regularly protects your home from all of these outcomes.

How Often Does Stucco Need Painting?

While stucco is very durable, it does require maintenance including repairs and painting periodically. With a high quality paint, your coating can last over 20 years. Inspect your exterior annually. Look for cracks, peeling, blistering or other imperfections and take steps to address them. Once repairs are complete, you’ll need to paint.

Choose Experienced Stucco Painters

Painting stucco is beneficial for a number of reasons. Working with experienced stucco repairmen and painters will allow you to enjoy a safe and pristine home. Our team is here to help you every step of the way. Set up a free, no-obligation estimate appointment with our team today.

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