5 Tricks to Rejuvenate a Run Down Patio on a Budget

Now that the weather is warmer, it is time to head outdoors. Your patio might be looking more shabby than chic after being neglected over the winter. Use a weekend and some elbow grease to bring your backyard back to life. Here are 5 tricks to rejuvenate a run down patio on a budget.

Whether you are looking to host friends for cocktails or relax with a good book, a patio remodel will set the scene for your summer fun. Here’s how to get started.

Stop Pestspatio in naples fl

The first step to creating an inviting patio, is clean. In doing so, you’re likely to find that pests have turned your patio into their home for the winter. For a natural deterrent, decorate the immediate outside of your patio with pine cones. The sap and prickly outside encourage the critters to go elsewhere. They decompose slowly, providing you a long term answer. As they fall apart, you’ll find the plants love the acid they release into the soil. Your garden or flowers will thank you for it.

Color the Concrete

Most patios are made of natural, unfinished concrete, meaning a sea of gray. Add a bold, bright color or painted on rug to give your area an upscale and finished look. There are paints available to mimic the look of fancy stones or bricks. Create an interactive area with an oversized game board to entertain kids and adults alike.

Remove Rust

Nothing ruins an afternoon on the patio quite as quickly as rust. If your furniture needs a new lift, don’t toss it. Use a wire brush or steel wool to scrub away the rust and jagged edges. If you’re more tool inclined, use a drill and wire brush attachment. If your rust is relentless, try an acidic remover like vinegar or Rust-Oleum. Use some fun colors of paint and give the furniture a new coat. Add some new cushions and your porch will look brand new.

Secure some Storage

Since you’re not outside everyday, patios are an easy area to become cluttered. Tools, empty pots, folding chairs. It all seems to end up on the patio. Take some time to clear the clutter and make the patio less messy. Adding some out of sight storage space could allow you to clean the area and save some items. Adding a closet or bin to corral items could be just the answer. Take some time to paint the storage to match your newly painted furniture.

Light it Uppatio lighting

Fun lights can create the atmosphere for a good time. Add some lighting or fire elements to your backyard and patio area. For a homemade fire pit, gather some inexpensive pavers that are heat-resistant. Some stores refer to them as fire bricks and they normally run about $5 a brick. Stack them in two layers in a small circle, about 6 bricks around. Make sure you are building in dirt, or on a fire safe surface.

Another way to add fun lights is through fairy lights or garden string lights. Some manufacturers are offering solar power options that will self charge. This means they will fire up every night and charge all day. Your patio will look welcoming all the time.

If you run into damage or difficulties in your work, our pros are here to help. Schedule a free, in-home estimate today.