Spring Front Porch Painting & Decorating Ideas

Posted on May 11, 2020

Warm weather is drawing us all outside. This is the perfect time to open the windows, start spring cleaning and rework your front porch from shabby to chic. With some paint and accessories, you can create an inviting porch. Here are some ideas for your spring front porch makeover.

Paint the Front Door

Changing the front door color on your home is a trendy and stylish project that has minimal work for big impact. If you’re working with a mostly neutral color scheme on your home and a lack of color in flowers and accessories, make your front door the centerpiece. Choose a vibrant or deep color to set the tone for your home. Keep in mind, some colors can actually raise your house’s value. Think of colors like red, blue, black or green.

Coordinate Your Flowers

With warmer weather, we are able to get outdoors and get our hands back in the dirt. Most gardens need a reworking come spring anyway, so now is the time to select some new plants or flowers to decorate your exterior. Even if your property doesn’t have flower beds or areas to plant trees, adding some colorful planters and pots can do just the trick to pull together your look. Work within your color scheme on the exterior of your property. Take into consideration any perennials, paint updates or colors you want to incorporate and make sure they work with your flowers.

Light it Up

Lights and lighting fixtures make a difference in the look of your porch. If you have a tired or worn out front porch light, take it down and either replace it with a new one or paint it with a new coating that coordinates to your color plan. Add lights around flowers, trees, entrances and stairs with solar charging, self sustaining lighting. You won’t have to worry about anyone tripping or an added charge on the electricity. For added ambiance, add some twinkling garden or string lights.

Freshen Furniture

For porches with enough space, add some new or redone furniture to create an outdoor space for sitting and having a cocktail or a meal. One way to keep this project cost effective is to purchase good quality garage sale furniture and repaint it yourself. This also allows you to tie the color scheme in again. Be sure you purchase paint that is meant to be used outside so that the occasional rain storm doesn’t wash away your work.

Swing Through

If a table and chairs isn’t your style, this could be the perfect time to add a cozy porch swing. Spend countless warm summer evenings with a book or conversation. Remember that wooden porch swings are just like any wooden elements outdoors: they need to be protected from moisture. Use a wooden sealant to protect the wood then get some soft and matched cushions to make it comfortable.

Any or all of these projects will set your porch up as the envy of the block. They will allow you to create an outdoor living space that extends the square footage of your home. If you need an entire porch painted or stained, our crews are happy to help. Schedule a free estimate appointment today.

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