Should I Buy a Paint Sprayer?

Posted on December 21, 2021

Having your own paint sprayer can be handy, especially if you are a do-it-yourselfer. Paint sprayers can be very versatile and come in many designs, mostly for either homeowners or professionals. Using a paint sprayer is relatively simple and provides good results, but these tools are best in certain conditions. We’ll only be talking about house paint sprayers, not car paint sprayers. Today, we will offer a few tips for owning a paint sprayer.

What Are You Painting?

Whether using an electric or on-demand paint sprayer, the paint is usually delivered at a much faster rate than using a brush or roller. As such, paint sprayers are great when the space is large, like a garage. Conversely, however, a paint sprayer probably wouldn’t be any faster than a brush in a small bathroom, because so little surface area exists. Paint sprayers are useful when painting an entire home, addition, or large areas that will be the same color.

Paint Sprayers Require Overspray Protection

Dropcloths are always a great idea, but paint sprayers actually put paint droplets in the air. In most cases, it shows up as dust as the droplet dried before it touched anything. However, this still makes a mess, so whenever considering the use of a paint sprayer, including the time and effort needed to reduce the clean-up time. Not doing so can easily result in spending more time cleaning than painting.

Paint Sprayers Must Be Thoroughly Cleaned

Some brands offer fast cleaning options, but all paint sprayers must be thoroughly cleaned after use. This can take a matter of minutes to an hour, depending on the sprayer. This is important, because most sprayers, especially elaborate versions, can be permanently damaged by allowing the paint to dry inside the sprayer. Many of these sprayers are expensive, so if regular cleaning may be unavailable, owning your own sprayer may not be a good idea.

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