Interior Painting Ideas to Impress Holiday Guests

Posted on September 24, 2019

There is no denying, fall is here and the holidays will be rolling in soon. If you are hosting family and friends for get togethers and family dinners, it’s time to get your home ready. Set the stage for your holiday decor by having a fresh coat of paint put up first. Here are interior painting ideas to impress your holiday guests.


This area sets the feeling for your whole home. It’s the first experience your guests will have inside your home. As you take their coats to hang, give them an impressive foyer to gaze at. A clean color in the background will let your decorations take center stage.

Typically, since entryways can be seen from many areas of the house, it’s best to go with a neutral color. Whites and variants will also create the perfect background to set off decor. If you’re feeling brave, entryways have been very successfully painted into deep versions of red and green. Just remember, these colors stay after the holidays have gone. Make sure the color will work year round with your house.


It’s inevitable, guests will be in your bathroom. Get them family-friendly with some crisp new paint. Since bathrooms are typically smaller projects, they are an easy afternoon update for even a novice painter. The new paint will give the whole room a fresh and clean feeling.

Bathrooms are a room to get creative in. Because of their purpose they are usually smaller and more hidden from eye sight lines from other rooms. Try a nearly white, soft gold or cheerful pink to warm up the walls. Focus your efforts on the bathroom that will get the most use; either the closest to the family areas or guest bath if you are hosting overnight family and friends.


There is no convincing guests to enjoy your living areas if you are in the kitchen. Everyone gathers around the counters and enjoys the delicious smells wafting from the oven. Spend some time getting this room ready to host guests with a thorough cleaning and new paint.

A new coat of paint will cover embarrassing messes and stains from an overzealous cook. That spaghetti sauce stain will easily be wiped from memory. When choosing colors, consider the finish you intend to put on the walls. Since this room is messier, go for a glossy or semi-gloss finish. It provides a level of protection to the paint so that you can scrub messes more aggressively. It will help your walls continue to look nice, the holidays and beyond.

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