Color Suggestions from our Kitchen Cabinet Painters

Posted on December 17, 2019

Kitchen cabinets can bring down the whole look of a room. Replacing them can mean a big mess, and bigger cost. You have options. Rather than replace the cabinets, you can refinish the ones you have. Here are color suggestions from our kitchen cabinet painters.

Since cabinets are a major design element in your kitchen, the cabinets might be keeping your room stuck in the past. Change them with paint rather than replacing them. With the addition of new hardware, your room will feel brand new.

Choosing a color for the cabinets is tricky, not not impossible. To avoid further work, keep in mind the colors that will remain in the kitchen after the cabinets are changed. If you intend to keep your counters, backsplash or appliances, work the colors into your scheme before choosing your cabinet paint.

Neutral colors

If you have colorful items on and around your counters, it’s best to pick a neutral pallet to paint your kitchen cabinets. Your vivid style will take center stage with this approach. White cabinets brighten the room and give you a blank palette to work on. If you’re particularly messy in the kitchen, consider beige or grey.

Vibrant colors

For those with kitchens made up of more mundane, neutral colors, why not go wild with your cabinet color choice. Add some sun with yellow! Deep butter or barely there yellow brings happiness to the room. Looking for relaxation? Try blue. Mint or teal also have been used really successfully used for cabinets.

Dark colors

Since a lot of kitchens work within the neutral and white looks, add some drama with a dark color. Jewel tones like sapphire and emerald have been successfully used, much like the classic black. Some homeowners have concerns about dark colors making a room feel smaller. Avoid this by pairing it with white walls and appliances. Use lighter or brighter colors for accents.

Be creative

Kitchens typically follow a monotone color scheme. Don’t feel obligated to choose one color for everything. For example, experiment with ombre cabinets. By using a lighter version of the color on top and darker on the bottom cabinets. This will trick your eyes into a vaulted feeling in the room.

Painting cabinets is an affordable way to renovate your kitchen, but can require time and effort. Not interested in doing it yourself? Contact us for a free in-home estimate.

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