4 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Professional Painting Company

Posted on January 17, 2022

Indoor paint projects tend to be done in winter when we have a few days off and it’s cold outside. The first question we often ask ourselves is “can I do it myself?” Painting is a relatively simple process, but it is time-consuming and easy to get wrong. Sometimes DIY paint projects can be fun and rewarding, but other times we wish we’d been called professional. Today, we will discuss a few things homeowners should know when hiring a professional painter.

Always Hire a Licensed, Bonded Professional

Unfortunately, there are those out there that claim to be professional painters, yet barely have any experience. Those homeowners interested in hiring a professional painter might want to ask a few qualifying questions to help gauge the actual experience and skill level of the painter. These might include:

How Long Have You Been a Professional Painter?

Many times a customer can tell a professional from an amateur simply by the way the painter handles tools. Pros will likely have paint on their uniforms, but they will be neat, courteous, and behave professionally. Professionals will also take good care of their brushes and sprayers. Their truck or van will be clean and respectfully parked out of the way. If someone offers their services looking unprofessionally, wearing sandals, and carrying no toolbox, chances are good that person is not an accurate portrayal of a professional painter.

Do You Have a Portfolio?

Professional painters will have a portfolio. This portfolio will have photos of past projects, ideally before and after, that showcase the talents and abilities of the painter. You can think of a painter’s portfolio as their business card, designed to get your attention. These days you can often access these project photos as well.

If someone claims to be a professional painter but cannot produce any photographs of their work, it’s usually a red flag. Professionals of course understand the importance of a portfolio, especially with new customers, so they will gladly share them with you. These pros will often also answer any questions you might have at this time, or take the opportunity to point out detail.

Do You Have a Team?

Not in every instance of course, but generally speaking professional painters like to work in teams. This is because as professionals they understand that working alone is often an inefficient use of labor. Also, professionals tend to use machinery like air compressors and paint sprayers, and running all the cords and hoses is time-consuming. Setting up ladders, walk boards, and scaffolding is also better done with others. Therefore, if your project is large, time-sensitive, or both, it is a great idea to hire professionals.

Are You Insured?

This might be the most important question you can ask. The work of a professional painter often takes them into every area of a home, inside and out. This work is often dangerous, and as careful they are, even the pros get injured occasionally. This work environment requires both liability and worker’s compensation insurance coverage to protect the client/customer.

It’s a great idea to ask for a hard copy of proof of insurance from any contractor, including painters. This proof is usually in the form of a Certificate of Insurance and will list the different policies that the contractor has and very importantly, the effective dates of coverage. Any reputable painter should be more than happy to provide this Certificate of Insurance. In fact, if you plan to use the painter again, you can ask to be a certificate holder. This will automatically update you every time the painter renews the policy, so you always know you are covered.

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