Determining your Home Design Style 

Figuring out which style you have can be a difficult task. Must people don’t just fall into one category, they fall into two or even three. Choosing a style is helpful when decorating your home because it gives you some sort of direction and helps you narrow down your choices. We are going to help you through the process of determining your home design style.

There are four categories that people usually fall into. 


Casual – This style represents coziness, warmth and relaxation. It usually incorporates the use of soft fabrics and rectangular elements.

Formal- This style represents elegance and symmetry. Decorative trims, high ceilings, tall windows, and polished wood are all elements you would find in a formal style home.

Contemporary- This style is simplistic and classic. Lots of neutrals are often incorporated into these homes. It is structured and the elements are usually geometric.

Traditional – This style usually includes warm colors and symmetry. It is very European inspired.



Once you have decided which of the above four categories you fall into, you can start getting a little more specific.



Swedish Style – This style is the classic blue and white look. It is minimalistic with gold accents.

Tuscan Style – This style is very earthy. It combines natural elements such as wood and stone. You will also find terracotta, copper items and rustic accents.

French Country Style – This style incorporates the mixing of patterns, chandeliers and symmetrical furniture.

Paris Style – This style is romantic and incorporates lots of silk and jewel toned colors.


Now that you have went through the process of determine your home design style, you can start thinking about color schemes. Identifying your personal style before picking the color scheme of your home makes the process much easier. Also, always create vision boards, whether that be on Pinterest or elsewhere. Having one spot where all of your inspiration is, makes it easier to decipher what you want your home to look like.


No matter what your style, it is important it is true to you. If you are planning any home renovations this spring and want to call in the pro’s we’d be happy to help! Call today to schedule your free, no obligation estimate!