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Wood & Metal Gate Renovation in Scottsdale

In September 2022, a homeowner in Scottsdale reached out to us regarding a wood and metal gate desperately in need of renovation. The gate was comprised of warped wood and an aged metal frame, both of which needed a refresh. When they needed light carpentry and wood staining services in Scottsdale, they knew exactly who to call! Thanks to the expertise of CertaPro Painters, this metal gate was cleaned up and treated for all its issues. When you need exterior renovation professionals in the Scottsdale area, give us a call at 480-374-1762.


While the wood and metal gate was the primary focus, we also found moisture damage on the driveway wall and stucco exterior surfaces.

A wide variety of skills and materials were necessary for this project to be a success. Areas of expertise include wood staining, metal gate renovations, rust removal, semi-gloss painting, and stucco damage repair. When you need more than exterior painting, call the expert renovation team at CertaPro Painters of North Scottsdale.


Warped Wood – Stress on the wood and uneven shrinkage due to water damage causes the surface to become warped; no longer flat and smooth
Rusted Metal – Parts of the metal gate had rust spots that needed to be treated before any priming or painting could begin.
Moisture Damage – The exposed location of the property left it vulnerable to years of water damage, which is especially harmful to wood and metal surfaces.


Light Carpentry – CertaPro Painters of North Scottsdale removed the old wood panels and sourced new wood that was cut and fashioned to fit in the metal gate.
Power Washing – 
The wood and metal gate had to be power washed to remove dust and debris before deep treatment could begin.
Rust Removal – Our team removed the rust spots using a wire brush, then treated the problem areas with a rust-inhibiting DTM primer.
Stucco Repairs – Moisture damage on the driveway wall and stucco surfaces had to be patched, repaired, and primed with a moisture blocking primer.
Painting – The metal was given a DTM semi-gloss paint. Two coats of stain were applied to the wood on the garage doors & wood gate. A subsequent two coats of exterior paint with a flat sheen were applied to the driveway wall and exterior stucco surfaces.

PROJECT TIMELINE – Approximately 3 Days

Garage Painting & Staining in Scottsdale

Wood staining is a great way to protect your garage door from the elements. It helps to prevent fading and discoloration while also extending the life of the garage door by protecting it from sun damage. When you need garage door staining services, here are a couple considerations our team keeps in mind.

First, the type of wood that your door is made from. Some woods are more porous than others and will absorb more stain. As a result, you may need to apply multiple coats of stain to achieve the desired level of protection. Second, consider the color of the stain. You can choose a stain that matches the home exterior, or you can go for a contrasting color that will make your door stand out. Lastly, how large are the doors and how long will staining take. These considerations determine our plan of action before working on your property.

CertaPro Painters® of North Scottsdale are the leading local experts in garage door painting and staining. When you need professionalism and expertise for your home, pick the company with the record to back it up.

If you’d like a free estimate on your garage door renovations, get in touch with CertaPro Painters today!

Unpainted Garage

Before Photos

Before the project began, CertaPro Painters® of North Scottsdale surveyed the home to locate the areas requiring the most attention.

Worn Wood Gate

Worn Wood Gate

The warped wood from years of weathering is clearly visible.

Garage Doors Before Staining

Garage Doors Before Staining

They haven't had any wood staining done in years and it shows!

Rough Driveway Wall

Rough Driveway Wall

Moisture damage made this wall rather unappealing.

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The Final Result

CertaPro’s professionals gathered images of the final product to document the improvements in color and conditions for the home, displaying its newly found modern appeal.

Stained Wood Gate

Stained Wood Gate

We replaced the wood and started anew with a fresh wood staining.

Garage Doors After Staining

Garage Doors After Staining

Wood staining made this garage look brand new!

Refreshed Driveway Wall

Refreshed Driveway Wall

After repairs and repainting, this driveway looks gorgeous!