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Pebbledash exteriors are very common in Saskatoon, and we often get questions about if its safe to paint it, the answer is yes! Surfaces like this do require some preparation, we will want to make sure the exterior is thoroughly cleaned, often done with a low setting on a power washer. Any dirt, mold, or grime under the painted surface can result in paint failures. Our team will work with you to assess how much prep will be needed prior to painting. Pebbledash exteriors look great when painted and a variety of colours work for the material.

Popular Pebbledash colours in the area

Below are just a few samples of popular colours, we can work with you on colour selection. Often times home owners look to find something they like, but that also fits in with other homes in the neighborhood.


How Much Will Exterior Pebbledash Painting Cost?

The pricing for your project will vary depending on the square footage of the home. Other factors that may come into play is how much the colour is changing, if repairs need to be made, and how hard it will be for our team to access all the surfaces (will special equipment be required?). For these reasons the best way to get pricing is to set up a free estimate appointment with our team. Click the button below to pick a date and time for your free appointment.

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What is pebbledash?

Pebbledash is a broad term usually meaning an exterior building surface that uses rocks or pebbles in either a cement, stucco, or other hard setting material.

Is pebbledash safe to paint?

Yes, it can be painted safely, however it isn’t the easiest surface to paint. The heavy texture means painting with a brush or roller is often ineffective. A brush can be used wit the right technique, but sometimes a spray coating is more efficient. It often requires the tools and experience of a professional painting crew to get long lasting results. Because of the coarse nature of the material, often times more paint is needed per square foot than a flat surface.