Pros of Epoxy Floor Finishes

Unfinished floors are more than unsightly, they can be cold and damp. Create a beautiful and sturdy floor for your garage or basement with an epoxy floor coating. The pros at CertaPro Painters of Saskatoon are your experts for epoxy options.

By adding epoxy to your floors you can expect several improvements like:


Average basement and garage floors are a gray or worse, stained look. Adding epoxy to the floors is one way to improve the appearance with color and texture. Because of the makeup of the coating, not many messes will stick or stain. It is finished in a smooth texture making sweeping or mopping simple. It also durable enough to make cleaning up car spills or sticky food a snap.



Cost per square foot for other floorings make epoxy hard to beat. Preparation puts the epoxy floor right on the concrete reducing installation cost. Price reduction is one of the biggest selling points for this sort of flooring.


Putting down epoxy floors in basements, garages and other cement-floored rooms offers a resistance not found with other options. It’s frequently pulled in professional garages and automotive shops because it can stand up to chemical spills, cleaners, moisture and heat. Kitchens and restaurants choose to put epoxy floors in their back of house spaces because they are resistant to bacteria and germs. Hospitals and clinics choose epoxy for the ability to sanitize the floors.


The only flooring more sturdy then epoxy is concrete. Adding epoxy adds texture to avoid slipping and gives concrete an additional layer of protection. Epoxy can stand up to cars rolling over it, and provide a non-skid floor for hospital triage rooms.


Putting epoxy floors in your basement in particular is useful in that it will prevent moisture, grease, stains and cracks. The epoxy provides a moisture barrier that typically comes with subterranean room. This will help your room be more warm and comfortable during the cold months.


With proper care and professional installation, epoxy floor options can easily last for several decades before and repairs are necessary. Many commercial spaces choose to add epoxy to their floors for the durability and other benefits, in addition to the lifespan.

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