Repairing Wood Rot

If you’re home’s exterior has wood rot, it’s safe to say you’ll end up dealing with wood rot at some point. It’s just a natural part of the wood aging process. Even so, there are some things you can do to protect the exterior of your home from being completed destroyed by rotten wood.

Why Repairing Wood Rot Is Important

Don’t ignore wood rot, as much as you really want to do it. The more you ignore it, the more it will spread. You’ll go from replacing a small area of the house to replacing the entire side of your home – maybe a bit extreme, but it can happen.

The best thing you can do is replace small spots of rotten wood, and care for the wood that’s healthy. This may mean using high quality paint as a coating to keep it from being damaged by natural elements.

Painting Over Wood Rot

Do not paint over rotten wood. This is the biggest no-no we tell our customers, but painting companies still do it. We do not do this because it is not in the best interest of our customers. When you paint over rotten wood, you’re just covering up the problem – not solving it. The next year, you may come back to paint peeling and wood just falling off because you guessed it: the wood has become porous and the rot spread.

One of the reasons some painting companies simply paint over the rot is because they don’t repair it themselves, and they don’t want to deal with waiting for a contractor to come and do it.

This is the reason you should always choose CertaPro Painters® of Salem-Eugene for wood rot repair and painting. Our team will repair the wood rot, and then we’ll paint the area to make it look brand new. This is the best approach and the one that makes the most sense. It will make the paint job last longer, so you’ll be satisfied for longer.

Contact Us for Wood Rot Repair and Exterior Painting Services

If you have a wooden exterior that needs to have wood rot repaired, so ahead and contact us for an estimate. We’ll look over the amount of wood that needs to be replaced and then how much of the area needs to be painted to give you a fair estimate. When we’re done, we’re sure you’ll be highly impressed with how it looks for years to come.