Commercial Painting Spotlight – Freddy’s

clean coneWe were excited when the owner of the franchise fast-food restaurant contacted us for exterior painting services. We love the food at Freddy’s and being able to send our commercial painters out to the restaurant was an honor.

The Commercial Painting Process

When our estimator went to the property, they noticed that a pressure washing was in order as the exterior was dingy with dirt and debris. This would prep the surface for painting.

After that assessment, the owner agreed to the cost of the commercial painting services, and we arranged a date and time that wouldn’t disturb the business.

Our commercial painters were thrilled they were going to be able to get their dinner at Freddy’s when they were done with their work.

The exterior painting job only took a few hours because we had a team of commercial painters on the painting project. In just one day, Freddy’s had a beautiful exterior they could be proud of.

Are you interested in making the exterior of your business more attractive? If so, contact us for commercial painting services. We would love to help you like we’ve been able to help Freddy’s restaurant.

The Results of Our Commercial Painting Project

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