5 Reasons to Update Your Exterior Paint Color This Summer

There are many reasons to look forward to the summer season. Not only is it a beautiful time to get outdoors with your friends and family, but it is also the perfect time to consider having your home exterior professionally painted. Here at CertaPro Painters®️ of St. Charles, South County & West County, our painting contractors have the skill and experience that you need for a flawless exterior painting service. Check out the top reasons to update the exterior of your home this summer below.

local home
This beautiful, big residence was a delight to paint. We painted every single piece of trim and the results were marvelous. It looked like a brand new house when we were done.

An Exterior Painting Service Boosts Curb Appeal

The reason that many decide to add a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of their home is to boost curb appeal. No one wants to be the only house on the block with a chipping or shabby looking exterior. When you add a new pop of color to your property, it will instantly bring new life to your exterior.

Summer Weather is More Reliable for Painting

Another reason that many choose to update the exterior of their home in the summer is due to the weather. Once summer arrives, the pouring rains of spring will not be as frequent. More sunshine means more opportunities to paint. The only type of weather that should be avoided besides rain when painting is intense heat. Sometimes this could cause paint to adhere and cure too quickly.

Repair Seasonal Damage

After the fluctuating temperatures of fall, winter, and spring, you may have noticed a few paint-related damages on the exterior of your home. Sometimes changing temperatures can lead to cracking or peeling paint. By the time summer has arrived, you will most likely have noticed a few places that need repaired depending on the current age of your paint.

There Are More Hours in The Day

One of the added bonuses of having exterior projects completed in the summer is that daylight is around much longer. This allows for a much wider window to have your exterior painting service completed. Feel free to complete our online form to request an estimate on your next exterior painting project.

We Have Renovated Many Home Exteriors in St. Charles, MO

If your home could use an exterior painting service this summer, our team of painting contractors are here for you. We have updated many homes in the local service area. For a few examples and some extra inspiration, check out our online portfolio.