Considering Deck or Fence Staining? Consult The Pros!

Are you interested in protecting your untreated deck or fence from the elements? Or are you just trying to change the color to add some curb appeal? Another reason could be that you just had a deck or fence built and you want to add color to it. Whatever the reason may be, CertaPro Painters® of Roswell is here to help!

Whether you want to stain your deck or fence, our professional sales associates are trained to consult you on your desired outcome. Once they know what you are looking for, they will be able to explain the step-by-step process it will take to achieve that outcome.

For example, a brand-new deck or fence typically has a mill glaze still on it which will prevent the wood from being able to accept the stain. The mill glaze can come off on its own over time (typically at least 3 months) or we can use a Sherwin Williams product called Revive that helps remove that mill glaze. This product also brings back the natural wood color prior to staining. Once that process takes place, the deck or fence would be ready for staining immediately.

Another example would be a deck or fence that is currently stained with a solid brown stain. If you have patio furniture that shifts around or pets that run across the deck, you’ve probably noticed that some of the stain has started to peel off. If that is identified and the homeowner wants to re-stain with a new solid color, our professional painters would sand down the surface and remove any flaking/peeling paint. This ensures the surface is ready to accept the new stain product and adhere properly.

The final example would be a deck or fence that is currently stained with a Semi-Transparent sheen. The customer was looking to change the colors to a different semi-transparent color. In this particular instance, the fence or deck needs to be stripped using a Sherwin Williams product called Stain & Sealer Remover, followed by a coat of Revive. Once those two steps were complete, the deck or fence is ready to be stained in the new semi-transparent color. If the deck or fence is not stripped prior to applying the new product, the color will not be accurate and the transparency will also change its appearance to a semi-solid, rather than semi-transparent.

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