Finding Your Interior Design Inspiration

Posted on April 29, 2020

Every individual has a style that is unique to them whether they are aware of what it is or not. If you recently purchased a new home or are just thinking or re-doing yours, you need to start with some sort of inspiration otherwise the task of decorating could become overwhelming. Some people are aware of the style they like, others are not. If you are an individual who is unsure of what style you like keep reading so you can figure out where to start!

The first question to ask yourself is if you prefer simplicity…

Contemporary Style – This style follows the “less is more” concept. They feel clean and you won’t find a lot of accessories or knickknacks lying around.

Modern Style – Similar to contemporary style, modern style is about minimalism and space.

Eclectic – This style is about being unique and it follows the “more is more” concept. In homes with this style you will find items that show your character such as items from places you traveled.

Traditional Style – This style also follows the “more is more” concept and is about being cozy. These rooms will have accessories and pieces of history.

French Country – Another “more is more” style. This style features a lot of gold and embroidery and will also include plenty of accessories.

Rustic Style – This style is built around the concept of woodsy living.

Costal Style – This style is built around the beach atmosphere.

Next, decide if you prefer city or country vibes…

Modern and contemporary will offer you that city feeling while rustic coastal and French country styles cater more to country style.

Once you figure out these questions the rest will fall into place. Another easy way to narrow done your style is by looking at pictures for inspiration. If you scroll through Pinterest, you will see every type of style home. You will quickly begin to realize a pattern between what styles you like. Often times you will fall into more than one style and end up mixing two together.

Whatever your style is, have fun decorating! If you are making any other renovations to your home and find you need help, call in the pro’s! Schedule a free estimate with us, we’d be happy to be a part of your spring home renovations.