Exterior Entryway Ideas

The entryway is a space you should put the time and effort into decorating because it is the first thing that people see once they pull up to your home. It truly sets the tone for the entire house! Because of this, it is the one area of your home that is good to keep in season. Doing so doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars completely re-doing the space. It can be as simple as buying items that are simple to swap out or update once a new season begins. Our professionals are here to help you make these changes as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are our favorite ways to welcome the new year with our exterior entryway ideas.

Paint the Doorway

There is no easier way to get the front door of your dreams than to add a pop of color to it. We especially love the trend of painting your front doors because it gives your home a touch of personality. You truly can’t go wrong choosing a front door color! With that being said, here a just a few of the more popular choices we have seen:


This green gives a cheerful welcome to all those who pass through. Using a light green allows you to flank the door with bright flowering plants and still look within the same color plan. This color in partícular gives off a stunning glow with gold lanterns at night.


Light up your way home with a bright yellow front door. The color is vivid and warm, ready for the hot summer days ahead. When winter sets in, you’ll still come home to sunshine everyday.


Turn your front door into a statement with a pop of red. The color works really well with a white house. For added color, use pops of blue in the form of hydrangeas up to the door. The finished product will be full of Americana.

Add Some Greenery

This is typically a popular option around the holiday season, but it can work year-round. There are so many different ways you can add natural accents to your front door. One of our favorites is a lavender wreath. After all, lavender is beautiful and relaxing––a great moodsetter for your home! Create a faux or real bouquet of lavender, place it in a basket of your choice, and hang it on your door. The beautiful purple color will make your home stand out.

Minor Upgrades that Shine

If you’re looking for a reason to pull out the hammer and nails, go ahead and make some minor upgrades to the front of your home! Invest in new hardware and house numbers. This can make a huge impact on the overall look of the front of your house. A metallic door handle and matching numbers will make your house look classy and polished.  Picking the right size house numbers is important. You want them to be big enough that you can see from the street, but you also don’t want them to be too obnoxious.

Exterior Entryway Ideas with CertaPro Painters®

Now that you have a few exterior entryway ideas under your belt, it is time to get started! To get the job done without hassle, hire the pros to do it! CertaPro Painters® of Lake Ray Hubbard are the best painters around. When you choose to work with us, you choose an easier painting experience. Your painting project will be finished on time and on budget with little disruption to your everyday life. At CertaPro Painters®, we do painting so you can do life.