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Cabinet Refinishing or Repainting?

Posted on December 20, 2021

Cabinets can make or break your kitchen. Replacing them is a big – and costly- decision. Refinishing them can add life, but are your cabinets up to the task? What is the right option for you:  cabinet refinishing or repainting? In this article, our professionals will dive into both of these options and when it’s the right choice to choose each one. We’ll also provide you with the next steps to get in touch with a professional company that can help you repaint or refinish your kitchen cabinets. Let’s get started!

When to Choose Each Option

We wish there was an easy way to answer this question, but it truly varies from house to house! Here are a few general guidelines to get you started, though:

  • Current Layout: Refinishing your cabinets can be a good idea if your current layout and design is functional and your cabinets are in good shape. By adding a new stain or paint, you’ll have the chance to update the look of the cabinets, while utilizing the current configuration. The addition of new and updated hardware can give your room a new feel. This will save when you get to the bottom line.
  • Materials of Cabinets: Synthetic materials, such as particleboard or thermofoil, rarely take well to refurbishing. Metal cabinets can also be difficult to work with. Make sure the material of kitchen cabinets you have will work well with a refurbishing job.
  • Available Budget: Painting your kitchen cabinets is by far the less expensive option. However, keep in mind that the cost of materials does not factor in how much time and energy you’ll be putting into the project if you paint them yourself.

Our Tips and Tricks

Here at CertaPro Painters® we believe each kitchen cabinet painting project should be done by the professionals. There are a lot of moving parts in such a project, and oftentimes a level of experience is required in order to get a job done well. If you do plan to go the DIY route, though, it’ll be best to have a few tips under your belt. Here are a few tips you should know before starting to paint kitchen cabinets:

    • Clean, clean clean: Kitchens are notorious for grime and grease. It’s important to remove all traces of it before you begin painting, or you’ll end up with less than stellar results. Use a degreaser to make sure the kitchen grease comes off easily. Allow the pieces to dry fully before you move on in your project.
    • Remove Hardware: The amount of time it will take to tape and carefully paint around hardware and around door edges, you could have removed the doors twice over. Plus, you’ll get a better overall result. Hardware with dabs and drips on it is a telltale sign of a homemade project. To get a truly professional result (without a professional price tag, remove the hardware before the paint can open.
    • Finish the Job: Standard paints will not adhere to finished cabinets. Scuffing the current finish will give your new paint a good surface to stick to. It’s a time-consuming but important step in the refinishing process. You don’t need to remove the entire finish, just scrape into it. Best recommendation is a 120-grit sandpaper or sponge to start.

Cabinet Refinishing or Repainting with CertaPro Painters®

If you are looking to make your kitchen feel like a part of your home or improve the resale value of your house, it is time to get started on your kitchen cabinet painting project. CertaPro Painters® of Lake Ray Hubbard, TX are local painters that have helped thousands of homeowners create the kitchen of their dreams. We are also locals ourselves, which means we know all the best painting tricks for the Charlottesville area. All you have to get started is call our professionals at 469-264-7545 or fill out our free, no-obligation form. We look forward to working with you!