Can I Remove or Install Wallpaper Myself?

Posted on August 2, 2022

Is Wallpaper removal and/or Installation a DIY-able Project? The short answer is yes. It is possible to complete a wallpaper removal and/or installation project by yourself.
However, be warned. As we discuss the steps involved your opinion may waiver.

First, Prepare the Room for Wallpaper Removal…

  • Protect Furniture, Floors, and Electrical Outlets
  • Move all your furniture to the center of the room, or to another room so that there is no chance of getting remover or old wallpaper on it.
  • Remove items from the walls so that you have a clear surface to work on.
  • Protect your floors by laying down painter’s tarps on the floors throughout the room.
  • Disconnect power from the area you are working in at the electrical panel.
  • Remove electrical outlet covers.
  • Turn off any fans in the room.
You should also consider closing AC/heating vents in the room to reduce the flow of air. Remember, moving air will dry out the steam, hot water, and/or removal solution faster — and that is not a good thing!
Fabric wallpaper removal
Fabric-backed wallpaper is the strongest, most durable type of wallcovering. It’s a popular choice when you want wallpaper that is long-lasting, cleans easily, and won’t scratch or tear. So that means, like everyone. This type of wallpaper will definitely be found in older homes. To remove fabric wallpaper, first look for a seam. Then take a putty knife and try to gently slide it underneath the wallpaper to turn up a corner. Once you’ve got a corner started, gently pull down on the wallpaper with two hands. If it comes off easily, continue to pull down until you have removed the entire sheet. Repeat the process for the entire area.It Just Came Off In Shreds & Tears?
If the wallpaper doesn’t come off easily or tears during the removal process, you may need to use a scoring tool and specialty wallpaper remover solution. A scoring tool makes tiny cuts in the wallpaper fabric. This allows the wallpaper remover solution to absorb into the wallpaper for easier removal. After scoring the section of wallpaper you plan to remove, apply the remover solution or gel, following the instructions on the package. Continue this process until you have covered every inch of every wall with wallpaper on it.Wallpaper Remains on the Walls?
Allow the wallcovering removal solution to sit atop the wallpaper for an extended amount of time. Then once again, use a putty knife or box cutter to try to get an edge started. Remove the wallpaper by gently pulling down with both hands in shreds and tears, shreds and tears. If the wallpaper sticks in one area, apply more wallpaper remover solution to that area, allow it to soak in, and try again.Wallpaper Still Hanging On?
Use lots & lots of steam or hot water. You will have to rent or purchase a special type of steamer tool at your local home improvement store for this part of the process. But it is pretty easy to use. Fill with distilled water and then touch every inch of the wallpaper-covered wall for 30 seconds with the steamer.You are probably pretty exhausted by now. But remember, you have to install the new wallpaper after removing the old!

A Better Answer: Let CertaPro Painters Handle your Wallpaper Removal and/or Installation Project

When wallpaper is installed on properly sized walls, the removal process is a smooth uneventful process.

However, it’s a shame that only about 1 in 20 wallpaper installation jobs is done properly. If the walls aren’t properly coated with a quality sizing product before the wallpaper is installed it becomes a major job to remove it.

Simply installing wallpaper over paint or primer is asking for future problems and a lot of trouble with its future removal. When wallpaper is installed directly to unprimed or unpainted drywall, it becomes next to impossible to remove.

The obvious solution here is to call CertaPro Painters of Rochester Hills to remove your wallpaper. And if you want additional wallpaper installed, we will happily do that too. We have expertise with wallpaper of all types. We know how to properly install it so it will last for years to come. We also will work within your budget.

Are you ready to start a wallpaper removal or installation project today? Call CertaPro Painters of Rochester Hills at 248-842-0967 or go online to schedule an estimate today!