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Dicks Sporting Goods – Retail Painting Project in Utica Michigan

The Dicks Sporting Goods store in Utica was due for an exterior painting project. The colors on the exterior had started to fade to years of sun exposure. Our commercial painting team was contracted to refresh the exterior of the building in October of 2020. We used a Sherwin Williams Cold weather paint that would last long and provide workability in the colder weather, a 40 foot articulating boom lift to handle hard to reach areas on the exterior walls, and completed the project over 1 weekend.


This projected posed a few challenges. First it was an exterior painting project scheduled in October. Exterior painting can still be done this time of year but some extra precautions need to be taken around the type of paint and the products used.


  • Faded / washed out signage
  • Cold exterior temperatures
  • Tall exterior walls


Started: October 2020
Duration: 1 Weekend


These photos show the crew at work and some of the exterior conditions before the project completed.

Low Temperature Paint Products

Low Temperature Paint Products

The exterior walls were reading 38 degrees, which required the use of specialized low temperature paint products. Projects can still be done in these temperatures with the right paint.

Boom Lift Used

Boom Lift Used

We used a 40 foot articulating boom lift to reach the higher areas of the exterior walls.

Weekend Painting

Weekend Painting

The project was completed over a weekend, we made sure not to block pathways for customers to enter and exit the store.


Below is the final after photo from the retail painting project in Utica. If you need assistance with painting for a retail store location, contact us for a free estimate.

The Final Result

The Final Result

This photo shows the exterior after the project was completed. Solid gray walls with a dark trim along the top of the building in solid bold colors give the building a brand new look from the parking lot.