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Wood rot is an aggressive fungus that thrives in warm, moist climates. In Richardson, the summers can be consistently hot and muggy, where fungi love to thrive.  Wood rot can destroy your wooden siding and trim, and eventually, destroy the entire wooden structure of your home. Siding, soffits, railings, and more can be affected by rain and water pooling against them causing damage. Is the exterior of your home rotting? Professional exterior wood home repairs might be in order.

Whether the water comes from rain and snow melting or failing paint and caulking, the outcome remains rotten wood. Addressing the issue quickly will save you time and heartache. Water damage on wood can spread quickly and requires immediate attention, if left untreated rotting wood could impact the structural integrity of your home.

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How to find rotten wood?

To find spots of rotting wood, get a screwdriver and start inspecting the boards on the exterior of your home. Start by checking boards lowest to the ground and along your roofline. Also, check the seams where the two boards meet. Most rot is visible in plain sight, but often will be hidden. Remember that as you inspect, wood should never be soft when pressed. Use the tip of a screwdriver to press into questionable areas. If it gives, you should repair it. Cracks that appear to be folding in are a clear sign of rot.

Here are the most common signs for wood rot:

Trim Boards

Trim is one of the most prominent parts on your home, and it's important to replace rotting wood from spreading and invading the structure of your home.

Fascia Boards

Just like soffit boards, fascia boards can also show signs of rot and need to be replaced.

Soffit Boards

Here's an example of what soffit boards look like when the wood starts to rot away.

Porch Baseboards and Columns

Make sure to pay attention to rotting wood in your porch baseboards and columns, if you have a column structure.