Residential Painting

What to Ask a CertaPro Painters® Estimator During the Estimate Appointment

Posted on May 27, 2019

A painting estimate appointment is your opportunity to ask questions for your potential project. Going into the meeting with a bit of background information and questions will help you feel at ease with the estimate you receive. Here is what to ask a CertaPro Painters® estimator during the estimate appointment.

Your estimator should do a complete walk through of the area to be worked on and take measurements. They may have questions or discuss repairs required before painting. Now is a good time to bring up any potential issues like water leaks or damage that could impede the outcome.

Questions to ask:

What does the estimate cover?
What paint will be used?
What preparation will be done?
What is the time frame for completion?
Can you provide insurance and licensing?

The industry standard is for estimates to be based on time and materials. It’s important for you and the estimator to be on the same page for the full work estimate and scope of the interior printing or exterior painting project.

Paint Selection

Check with your estimator to find out how paint will be selected. How are you to choose colors and finishes? What about brand choice? Some painters will only work with particular providers when it comes to paint. The manufacturers they choose are probably because of warranties or outcomes meaning they get the best results with these paint providers.


It’s very helpful to know what kind of preparation the crew will do. What do you need to handle? Will the crew move furniture, remove fixtures, and tape off areas? Are they going to address any imperfections in the area prior to painting?

Crews and Timing

You should have an idea who is coming to your home. Are you expecting one singular painter for a day, or a crew of four for a week. Planning the upheaval in your home and how long it will be in unrest is an important factor for you.

Insurance and Licensing

Before you proceed with any provider, you should make sure they can provide you with their licensing and insurance information. This will protect the crew in your home, and you from any issues with injuries or damage.

If feel uneasy with any of the answers that you receive at your estimate, do not hesitate to talk further with your estimator or paint representative.