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Siding Painting Services in Renton and Kent

Aluminum and vinyl siding can be successfully painted. It’s not something that most homeowners want to handle on their own. It’s best performed by a professional like CertaPro Painters® of Renton Kent, WA who understand how to do the work right, with a beautiful durable finish that you will enjoy for years to come. Professional painting teams best do siding painting projects because it is easy to make a mistake in surface prep or application that results in the paint failing to adhere properly. It is also considerably less expensive to paint the siding of a home than it is to replace the siding. With siding painting projects, you can restore the original factory color or update to a new color for about less than the replacement cost.

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In order to create a beautiful finish on your vinyl or aluminum siding, it is imperative that the proper preparation and coatings are used. The appropriate steps to applying a new coat of paint to vinyl or aluminum siding are very similar:

1 Power Wash

Wash the vinyl or aluminum to clear off excess dirt, mold, and debris. For aluminum, there will be some residual chalkiness, which is normal.

2 Prep

Our team will carefully cover all items on your house that are not meant to be painted. We will cover the ground with drop cloths to protect it from overspray.

3 Paint

Once everything is prepped, your CertaPro team will apply premium-quality paint to your home’s exterior, creating a uniform finish.

vinyl and aluminum siding paint contractors

4 Clean

At the end of each day, the painting crew cleans up around your home, ensuring any paint chips are removed and all materials are stored neatly away.

Aluminum siding painting

5 Inspect

After our own inspection, your job site supervisor will walk you through the space, giving you the opportunity to review our work and to provide any initial feedback.

Projects from Our Service Area

See below for some siding home painting projects our team completed in the Renton and Kent service areas.

Front View Update

Front View Update

Here's the final result of the front view of the home.

Final Result of the Emergency Repaint

Final Result of the Emergency Repaint

Here's the final look of the exterior repaint.

Modern Exterior Painting

Modern Exterior Painting

Modern House with update exterior paint.

Exterior Painting Project

Exterior Painting Project

Our team was ready to bring this home back to life with new paint.

Final Result of the Exterior Paint

Final Result of the Exterior Paint

Here is the final result from our hard work, peeling and repainting the home.

Front of Home After

Front of Home After

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FAQ About Residential Siding Painting

What is the painting process like for different types of siding?

When you work with a professional painting contractor, our team will know each step needed to properly paint your specific type of siding. Many siding painting projects start with cleaning prior to adding your new paint color.

What are popular siding colors in the Renton and Kent community?

A few trending paint colors in Renton and Kent for siding homes are white, gray, tan, blue, and yellow.

What should I know about painting vinyl siding?

Only paint vinyl siding a similar or lighter color as darker colors can cause overheating.

What is the best paint for vinyl and aluminum siding?

Acrylic paint is often utilized on both vinyl and aluminum-sided homes. Our painters can provide seamless painting services to homes in the Renton or Kent community.

What kind of paint should be used during a fiber cement siding painting service?

Acrylic paint is also the paint of choice for fiber cement-sided homes. You can request a free estimate on your next siding painting service by completing our online form.

CertaPro Painters® of Renton and Kent offers Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Services!

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It is recommended that colors of the same shade be used. For example, if your siding was once navy blue, it is recommended that you choose a color with a similar depth, like a rich burgundy or lush green. The same can be said for lighter colors. Trust the experts at CertaPro Painters to get your vinyl siding to the color of your choice.