Rolling vs Spraying

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There are benefits to both spraying and rolling your interior or exterior – let’s review them:

Paint spraying:

  • Is a faster way to apply paint to your exterior or empty interior because you can apply two coats simultaneously without the need to dry between coats
  • Requires extensive preparation of the surface before spraying
  • Requires plastic masking for all areas that will not be painted
  • Requires expensive spraying equipment
  • Must be done where or when wind is not a factor

Paint rolling:

  • Is slower, but is much easier to touch up
  • Does not require specialized equipment
  • Less paint is wasted from atomization and “bounce-back”

Paint spraying with back rolling – the best of both techniques:

  • Spraying quickly lays on a layer of paint
  • Back rolling provides texture for easier touch-up in future
  • Achieves coverage advantages of both spraying and rolling

For exteriors, we often spray the paint on and then back roll. This allows us to paint faster (and less expensively for our customers) while providing a quality coat of

paint using the back-rolling technique. Because of wind and other weather-related issues, proximity to cars or buildings, paint used and amount of masking needed, it is often not feasible to spray when outside.