How Long Does It Take For Paint to Dry/Cure?

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There are many factors that affect how long a paint takes to dry/cure. The most common influences are temperature, humidity, interior versus exterior, the type of paint being used and the surface that is being painted – all of these affect dry/cure times.

Paint can dry to the touch within a matter of minutes or hours depending on temperatures/weather conditions and the specific paint that is being used. If conditions (and substrates) are warm/dry enough, a second coat of paint can potentially be applied within an hour or so after the first coat has been applied. Under cooler/damper conditions, the first coat of paint may require a longer dry time before the second coat of paint can be applied. If a latex-based paint is being used, it will typically dry faster than if an oil-based paint or primer is being used.

The specific paint product that is to be used for your project and that substrate that is to be painted will also play a factor with dry/cure times. For example, an exterior masonry substrate/paint typically takes longer to dry than an interior latex-based paint that is being applied over drywall.

While paints dry to the touch/re-coat within a matter of hours, most paints do not fully cure for up to 30 days. Paint is most sensitive within the 30-day curing process, so it is important to use caution with newly painted surfaces.