Can I Use Any Paint Brand for my Project?

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Our preferred paint brand is Sherwin Williams. We use top of the line products and Sherwin Williams is known for the highest quality paints. The product lines we typically use are the Duration, Emerald and Super Paint lines which are exceptional for coverage, wear and durability. It is important to know that different substrates may require different product lines to ensure you get the best performance/longevity for your specific painting project. For example, a masonry substrate typically requires a different product than vinyl siding or wood trim. Whether your project involves interior or exterior painting will also affect the product line that is used. When our sales consultants meet with you and see your specific project, they will help you determine what product will work best based on your needs and budget constraints.

If our customers prefer a different paint brand (i.e. Benjamin Moore, PPG, Behr, Valspar, etc.), we are more than happy to work with those products as well, though some of the “department store” paints may affect the two year warranty that we offer on our projects because we are no longer capable of controlling the quality of the paint. We are also happy to work with paints that our customers supply, but the same stipulation potentially applies to our two-year warranty.

If color is your main concern, most paint companies have their competitor’s color formulas in their system, so it is possible to match specific colors in different paint brands/product lines to ensure you are able to get the color you’re looking for.