Deck Staining with CertaPro Painters

It’s that time of year. Everyone wants to be outside enjoying the weather. Which means your outside deck may need some refreshing prior to all that summer traffic it gets. Deck staining is a relatively easy DIY project but CertaPro is always here to complete any deck staining project you need, if you just don’t have time to deal with any home improvements.

Wood stain is easy to apply using a brush, roller, or airbrush. Deck staining protects the wood against UV damage, mildew growth, and water erosion. Properly cleaning your wood prior to any deck staining will eliminate any fungus or mold spores, allowing your stain to better adhere to your wood. If there are minor spots of stain that do not clean up in the cleaning process, then it should be easy for a palm-size sander to clean up those spots once your older deck has dried.

Make sure that the wood is fully dry and that temperatures are moderate before staining; staining a deck, of any kind, does not dry well in cold temperatures or damp conditions. The stain needs some time to soak into the wood before fully drying, so avoid staining the deck under direct sunlight. You will know that the time is right to stain your deck when drops of water splashed onto the surface soak quickly into the wood.

How Much Deck Staining Do You Need?

Whether you will need to add a new layer of stain depends on what kind of stain is currently on the deck, how much foot traffic there is, and what kind of weather conditions are present where you live. In general, oil-based deck stains last the longest, but this too depends on the wood type, weather conditions, and how long the deck has been exposed without protection prior to the stain. If your deck is made from pressure-treated wood, you will need some time for the chemicals to cure before the stain can properly take hold. This really depends on how large your deck is, if railings and stairs are involved, and how much cleanup is required prior to applying the stain.

If using clear or semi-clear stain, you will want to be sure you are staining one board of your deck at a time. When staining the exterior of your rails and joists, you want to use your smallest deck brush and try to avoid spraying on your deck boards. Staining a deck highlights the natural beauty of wood, adding color and highlighting graining within the wood. Not only does a fresh coat of stain rejuvenate the wood and return your deck to its original splendor, but it also protects it from the elements, keeps away pests, and keeps mold, mildew, and rot at bay.

KILZ Wood Protection Stain for the Exterior adds a semi-transparent coat of color and protection to both new and older wood decks, while allowing wood grain to still be visible. Skipping deck stripping and washing increases the possibility that milling gypsies or other elements in the wood are blocking the stains from adhering and leading to premature stripping. Do not apply a finish more than twice, as excessive coating of a deck will encourage peeling by trapping moisture within the wood.

When do you need to stain?

The best way to tell whether or not your deck is ready for a new stain is to test to see how well it repels water. You should take on the task of applying a fresh coat of stain on your deck every few years, in order to protect the wood and make sure it looks its best.

These are just a few tips for a great deck staining project, but if you would rather let the experts handle it, call CertaPro Painters of Portland at (503) 610-4700 or go online to request an estimate today!