How To Prep for Interior and Exterior Painting Jobs

If you are having the interior or exterior of your home painted there are a few things you can do to ensure the process will go smoothly from start to finish. At CertaPro Painters® of Port St. Lucie, we recommend our customers do the following light prep work before we arrive. This way you can sit back, relax, and let our expert painters handle the painting and clean-up.

So, how do you prepare for an interior painting project?

  • Remove any small or fragile items. This includes wall decorations, drapes, and blinds. When removing wall art, leave the nails in the wall if you plan to re-hang your pictures in the same spot. However, if you no longer want to hang anything in those areas, we would appreciate you removing those unwanted mails completely so the holes can be filled. Finally, empty any bookshelves and closets, if their interiors are being painted.
  • Discuss window treatments and switch plates ahead of time. Are you planning on re-hanging your window treatments or replacing them? It’s important to communicate this with your foreman so they know if they should leave the brackets up or if they should remove them and spackle behind. It is also important to let us know if you are keeping the switch plates or replacing them.
  • Keep pets out of the workspace. We love pets at CertaPro Painters® of Port St. Lucie. But please be sure that your pets do not have access to the rooms we are painting. It is very easy to bump into a recently painted wall or kick up dust, which can ruin the trim painting. You also won’t end up with a very colorful animal.

We will handle the surface clean-up at the end of each day so you have full access to your rooms. We will also clean-up when the job is completed. It’s important to note that when we spackle and dust, a fair amount of dust will be created. We do our very best to clean most of it up before leaving, but you may find a little dust after we leave. Our painters do their best to leave your interior even more spotless than they found it.

So, how do you prepare for an exterior painting project?

  • Ensure everything is closed. Please remember to close all of your windows and doors before the start of your power washing.
  • Move your car away from the property. Your car should be parked away from the project area during power washing and painting.
  • Remove any bushes and shrubs that can interfere with our painters. Before the project, please take the time to check the bushes and shrubs surrounding your house to see if they can inhibit the work of our painters. This will be very helpful and gives our crews easier access to the project areas as our painters are not allowed to trim these for you.

Just like with an interior painting, daily clean-ups will be performed, and drop cloths, tools, and ladders will be placed in a safe location determined by the homeowner.

When you take the time to prepare your home for a professional painting project, you’ll notice how seamless the process begins and ends. Contact the team at CertaPro Painters® of Port St. Lucie to book your free estimate!