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Professional Brick Painting Services for Homes in Plano, TX

Brick exteriors are common throughout Plano, TX. In the past few years it has become increasingly popular to paint, stain, or limewash the face of brick on the exterior of homes and commercial buildings. Most commonly, customers in our service area have the brick painted white, cream, or gray, but there are many options for colors that we can review with you during an initial estimate appointment.

Painting brick offers a way to dramatically transform the look of a home, it is a permanent change that will need some maintenance, cleaning , and updating in the future. This is important to keep and mind and understand before having your brick home painted.

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Benefits of Painting Brick

Surface Protection: One of the benefits of painting brick is that it can help to protect the surface from weathering and other damage. Paint can also provide a protective barrier against dirt, grime, and other contaminants. In addition, painting brick can give it a fresh, new look.

Curb Appeal:  Another benefit of painting brick is that it can help to improve the curb appeal of your home. If you are looking to sell your home, painting the brick can make it more attractive to potential buyers. Additionally, if you are planning to rent out your home, painting the brick can make it more appealing to tenants.

Resale Value:  Lastly, If you are planning to sell your home in the future, painting the brick can make it more valuable. Additionally, if you are planning to rent out your home, painted brick can make it more attractive to potential tenants and may even help you to get a higher rental price.

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The Process of Professional Brick Painting

In order to create a beautiful finish on your brick surfaces, it is imperative that the proper preparation and coatings are used. When we arrive, expect these 5 steps from the professional painters at CertaPro Plano, TX.

Exterior house painting by CertaPro painters in Plano, TX

1 Power Wash

Before we begin anything, we need to remove all dirt and debris on the exterior of your home. Power washing is a standard service we offer, and it is included with our exterior brick painting services.

2 Prep

The most important step of a painting project is the prep work, and we do an exceptional job. Our expert painters carefully and meticulously mask off all areas that aren't meant to be painted to protect them from overspray. The homeowner doesn't have to do any of the prep work, unless they wish to take down objects hanging on the walls, like outdoor lights, before we start masking.

3 Prime

After we're finished prepping, we use a high-quality primer on the brick.

CertaPro Painters the exterior house painting experts in Plano, TX

4 Paint

Once the brick is primed and sealed, we use high-quality paint to complete the job. For residential properties, we typically use Sherwin Williams resilience paint. For commercial properties, we use a high-quality top coat from Sherwin Williams.

5 Clean

When your project is completed, our exterior painting crews clean up your property and leave no mess behind.

Common Questions about Brick Painting

Is painting brick permanent?

Contrary to popular belief, painting brick is not permanent. Though it takes some work to restore brick to its original form, it is possible. That’s why you should invest in a professional painting crew to paint your brick. At CertaPro Painters® of Plano, TX, we use the correct paint and take the proper steps necessary to ensure your brick painting is long-lasting and durable.

What colors work best when painting brick?

Gray and white are the two most popular color choices for painting brick. That’s because neutral colors help boost your curb appeal and resale value. We see a lot of homeowners choose greige in the Plano area.

Are there any restrictions to painting brick homes?

If your home is Historic, there may be a different set of rules in regards to the exterior changes that can be made. However, this all depends on the town rules and regulations in your neighborhood.

Are you ready to protect and transform your home’s brick surfaces?  

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