New Spring Colors for Your Home

Spring might have you ready to pop outside for an afternoon of warm weather fun. Upon first inspection, your house might be in need of a home makeover. Since this is the season of color, start with the outside of your house. Here are the best exterior paint colors for spring.


An updated neutral color, greige is a safe but contemporary color choice. While some beiges look boring and some grays cold, this unique combination works to alleviate both of those issues.

Tip: A cooler blend of greige pairs well with blues and whites for trim, while warmer blends lend themselves to oranges and yellows.


While Gray is on trend, brown is making a comeback. The right color of brown paired with light and bright trim can create a classic looking home that is pleasing to the eye. Keep in mind deep browns are better suited for northern climates as the southern sun quickly leaches color from the pigments.

Tip: Brown works well for homes surrounded by natural elements like sand, grass, trees and stone.


White is never a wrong choice for the exterior of your home. Work with warmer undertones to avoid a stark white and cold feeling house. Because you can literally choose any color for your trim and pops of color. Incorporate blue shutters, a red front door or black fence.

Tip: Work with primary colors to choose a pop of color. This adds an interesting element to your exterior.

Soft Yellows

Adding cheer to your home is as simple as painting it soft yellow. The color brings a smile to faces. Be careful not to choose a shade that is overly bright or you risk turning warm into an eyesore. A less saturated color will work great on most homes.

Tip: Add contrast by using a complementary color like green or black to shutters or porches and black or white to trim.


If you love green, go for it! Green houses, particularly in sage and olive are being found in neighborhoods all over. The color works really well if you are in a woodsy backdrop. Colonial style houses are perfect for a dark forest green.

Tip: Masonry and brick work great with lighter shades of green. Make sure the colors are far enough off of Christmas red and green to avoid a style faux paus.


Blue has been a popular color for house exteriors for quite some time. This is a color that depends on your environment. Light blue works really well for seaside and coastal areas. The bright sun will have little impact on the lighter shade. For northern and more shaded homes, a navy blue is regal and elegant.

These are just a few ideas for any Spring painting projects you have planned in the coming weeks. Ready to start a painting project today? Call your CertaPro Painters of Plano at 214-383-0565 or go online to schedule an estimate today.