Waterfront Paint Care for your Home

Waterfront homes in Dr. Phillips area are not uncommon. Living waterfront can take a toll on your home’s exterior. High humidity, strong winds,  and intense ultraviolet sun rays can fade and injure your paint coatings. Here are some tips to create a lasting waterfront paint job.

Waterfront Paint Care

Regular paint maintenance will protect your home while making it look beautiful. With the harsh conditions that come with waterfront property, choosing a quality exterior paint will allow your home to remain protected for a longer period of time, extending time between recoating. Likely, this paint costs more since the paints have more solids.

Acrylic Latex Paints

Painting experts suggest utilizing an acrylic latex paint to provide the most thorough and long lasting paint job. Typically, with professional preparation and quality paint grades, you could have a coating that lasts 5 years or more.

Preparation and Repairs

No matter how good the paint is, it won’t stand up to waterfront living unless you properly prepare the surface. When you work with CertaPro Painters of Orlando, you get experts in prep, repair, painting and protecting your home.

At your estimate appointment, our representative will want to see your project area to look for any potential issues or repairs that may be required. This preparation allows the paint to adhere better and last longer.

Cleaning the surface prior to painting will allow the paint to last longer. Preparation includes taping and protecting areas from over spray. All of this allows us to turn out a professional and clean painting project on your exterior.

Painting may start with a primer. This is included as an extra step to allow the paint a good, even surface to adhere to. Ultimately, this is make the paint last longer and maintain a watertight seal.


Don’t ignore other elements on your home when painting. Porches, patios, shutters and trim also need protection from the weather. Sealing or painting these elements sets your home up for success. Moisture intrusion is a quick route to damage and problems. Creating these firm seals to hold out the water is crucial for protection.

Get Started

Get started with your waterfront painting project today. The first step is scheduling a free estimate appointment with our team.