Paint to Protect Your Home from Hurricanes

It’s no secret that rising temperatures and daily thunderstorms signal the impending beginning of hurricane season. While we are somewhat protected by our situation mid-state, that doesn’t mean we’re guaranteed an easy season. Did you know your paint could make the difference in your home withstanding a hurricane? It sure helps. With wind and rain wreaking havoc on your structure, commercial or residential, paint can help keep the moisture out. Take steps now with our team to use paint to protect your home from hurricanes.

According to the National Flood Insurance Program, the average hurricane-related home flood claim was over $39,000. Most of this damage comes from wind and water. There are steps you can take now to save yourself money later.


Ensuring proper sealing around windows can be a small but important step  before hurricane season arrives. Weather stripping fails pretty quickly due to daily heat and humidity. It can crack, pull away from seals and cause a mess. Checking the stripping around windows can help keep daily rain out, in addition to saving your walls in a hurricane, re-caulking the windows can prevent thunderstorm rain from getting inside your house too.


Anytime water, wind and humidity can get in your home is bad. If you see any place that water intrusion could or is happening, now is the time to act. Inspect places around your home that are common issues with water. This includes around wiring, pipes, soffits, windows, doors and more.

Substrate and Paint

Each summer it’s a good idea to inspect your stucco and substrate for new cracks or peeling paint that could be signaling early deterioration. Even if the paint is structurally sound, with no cracks or peeling, it could be early in failure. Look for chalking or other signs the older paint is struggling to protect your home. Since paint is your first layer of defense against the outside, you’ll want to allow it to best do its job. This includes protecting your family and belongings from driving rain and wind that hurricanes can bring.

Get Started

Learn more about what hurricane season means for your home and preparations to take now. Then, meet with our team of estimators to discuss any concerns about your home’s exterior prior to hurricane season.